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This is Nate's idea, something I use on every project. Sometimes you need to accommodate an optional that shouldn't be optional.
public extension Optional {
/// Stop in the debugger in debug builds if self is `.none`.
/// Example usage:
/// guard let value = maybeValue.assertUnwrap() else { return "bogus value" }
func assertUnwrap(_ message: @autoclosure () -> String? = nil, file: StaticString = #file, function: String = #function, line: UInt = #line) -> Wrapped? {
switch self {
case .some(let wrapped):
return wrapped
case .none:
// If this is a DEBUG build, stop in the debugger. Otherwise, return nil.
// Alternatively you can call assertionFailure(), but this allows execution to continue.
printToLog(msg, file: file, function: function, line: line)
return nil
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