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Created November 1, 2010 15:23
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Automatically generate changelogs for CakePHP
$options = array(
'repo' => '/Users/predominant/Projects/cakephp/2.0/.git',
'titleOrder' => array(
'dev', 'alpha', 'beta', 'rc',
'regex' => '/(?<version>[\d\.]+)(?:-(?<title>[a-zA-Z]+)(?:(?<iteration>\d)?))?/',
'formats' => array(
'plaintext' => '| awk \'{print "Commit: ["$1"]\n"; $1=""; print "-"$0"\n"}\'',
'lighthouse' => '| awk \'{print "#### Commit: ["$1"]("$1")\n"; $1=""; print $0"\n"}\'',
'compact-md' => '| awk \'{print "* [Commit "$1"]("$1"): "; $1=""; print $0}\'',
$options['git-dir'] = '--git-dir=' . $options['repo'];
$options['format'] = !empty($_GET['format']) && array_key_exists($_GET['format'], $options['formats']) ? $_GET['format'] : 'plaintext';
$tags = explode("\n", trim(`git ${options['git-dir']} tag`));
usort($tags, function($from, $to) use ($options) {
preg_match($options['regex'], $from, $fromMatches);
preg_match($options['regex'], $to, $toMatches);
$version = version_compare($fromMatches['version'], $toMatches['version']);
if ($version !== 0) {
return $version;
if (!isset($fromMatches['title'])) {
return 1;
if (!isset($toMatches['title'])) {
return -1;
$title = array_search(strtolower($fromMatches['title']), $options['titleOrder']) - array_search(strtolower($toMatches['title']), $options['titleOrder']);
if ($title !== 0) {
return $title;
return version_compare($fromMatches['iteration'], $toMatches['iteration']);
$tags = array_reverse($tags);
$previous = null;
echo '<h2>Format: ' . $options['format'] . '</h2>';
$format = $options['formats'][$options['format']];
foreach ($tags as $tag) {
if (!$previous) {
$previous = $tag;
echo '<h3>Version ' . $tag . '</h3>';
echo '<pre>' . htmlentities(`git ${options['git-dir']} rev-list --no-merges --oneline ${previous} ^${tag} ${format}`) . '</pre>';
$previous = $tag;
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The only thing wrong with this, it requires you are doing branches. What if your just doing a lot of bug updates, your not going to be versioning a production application that much though. So if you never version it causes issue

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This is designed to generate changelogs for the CakePHP project. It was never designed or intended to suit any other project.

It relies on tags for listing the versions, and doesn't care what branches you are using.

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make sense i'm going to test this on a current app i have with a bunch of a tags and various branches. thanks for the feedback though

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