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10 Ways to improve Github Issues

I love the new GitHub issues, here are some ideas to make it perfect, ordered by priority:

1. I should be able to pick the assignee and milestone via keyboard when creating a new ticket

2. Keyboard shortcuts should work everywhere. E.g. when viewing an existing issue, 'c' does not work.

3. After creating an issue, the assigned user / milestone should be remembered and pre-filled.

4. Allow assigning a different user while commenting. Right now this deletes my half-typed comment.

5. When typing the @ symbol to mention somebody, it should auto-complete the name.

6. Things feel a little sluggish right now, any speed improvements would be very welcome.

7. It seems that I can only change the due date of a Milestone, but not remove it entirely.

8. Bringing the voting feature back would be great for public repositories.

9. Show who is going to be notified when typing a comment / creating an issue. Similar to pull request.

10. Campfire Notifications for changes to issue would kick serious ass.

If you agree, please RT or fork this gist!

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