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Created September 30, 2016 00:36
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Hammerspoon Config File, Hyper Key, Karabiner-Elements
-- hattip
-- hattip
-- A global variable for the sub-key Hyper Mode
k ={}, 'F18')
-- Hyper+key for all the below are setup somewhere
-- The handler already exists, usually in Keyboard Maestro
-- we just have to get the right keystroke sent
hyperBindings = {'c','m','a','r','d','g','s','f','TAB','v','b'}
for i,key in ipairs(hyperBindings) do
k:bind({}, key, nil, function() hs.eventtap.keyStroke({'cmd','alt','shift','ctrl'}, key)
k.triggered = true
-- Enter Hyper Mode when F19 (left control) is pressed
pressedF19 = function()
k.triggered = false
-- Leave Hyper Mode when F19 (left control) is pressed,
-- send ESCAPE if no other keys are pressed.
releasedF19 = function()
if not k.triggered then
hs.eventtap.keyStroke({}, 'ESCAPE')
-- Bind the Hyper key
f19 = hs.hotkey.bind({}, 'F19', pressedF19, releasedF19)
-- vi cursor movement commands
movements = {
{ 'h', {}, 'LEFT'},
{ 'j', {}, 'DOWN'},
{ 'k', {}, 'UP'},
{ 'l', {}, 'RIGHT'},
{ '0', {'cmd'}, 'LEFT'}, -- beginning of line
{ '4', {'cmd'}, 'RIGHT'}, -- end of line
{ 'b', {'alt'}, 'LEFT'}, -- back word
{ 'w', {'alt'}, 'RIGHT'}, -- forward word
for i,bnd in ipairs(movements) do
hs.hotkey.bind({'ctrl'}, bnd[1], function()
-- Reload config when any lua file in config directory changes
function reloadConfig(files)
doReload = false
for _,file in pairs(files) do
if file:sub(-4) == '.lua' then
doReload = true
if doReload then
local myWatcher ='HOME') .. '/.hammerspoon/', reloadConfig):start()'Config loaded')
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ssaadh commented Oct 3, 2016

Thanks for this. Liked seeing a bit of different config here. Get me grokking Hammerspoon and even Lua a bit more.

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Awesome. My muscle memory is thanking you! But isn't there a way to use hjkl with the hyper key instead of control? And this way you have to release ctrl+j after each stroke which is a bit tedious.

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Thank you for your work on this! I forked and uploaded my tweaked code for my own setup here:

Gave attribution but not sure of the correct etiquette, so let me know if anything should be revised.

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