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Jest snapshot resolver for snapshots at top level of repo when tests are in component folders.
const path = require('path')
const rootDir = path.resolve(__dirname, '..')
module.exports = {
/** resolves from test to snapshot path */
resolveSnapshotPath: (testPath, snapshotExtension) => {
return testPath.replace('src/', '__snapshots__/') + snapshotExtension
/** resolves from snapshot to test path */
resolveTestPath: (snapshotFilePath, snapshotExtension) => {
return snapshotFilePath
.replace('__snapshots__/', 'src/')
.slice(0, -snapshotExtension.length)
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aliankarali commented Feb 28, 2019

Nice. Needed to add testPathForConsistencyCheck: 'some/__tests__/example.test.js', at the end though (Jest 24.1.0).

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