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Re-frame timer
(ns simple.core
(:require [reagent.dom :as dom]
[re-frame.core :as rf]
[clojure.string :as str]))
;; A detailed walk-through of this source code is provied in the docs:
;; -- Domino 1 - Event Dispatch -----------------------------------------------
(defn dispatch-timer-event
(let [now (js/Date.)]
(rf/dispatch [:timer now]))) ;; <-- dispatch used
;; Call the dispatching function every second.
;; `defonce` is like `def` but it ensures only one instance is ever
;; created in the face of figwheel hot-reloading of this file.
(defonce do-timer (js/setInterval dispatch-timer-event 1000))
;; -- Domino 2 - Event Handlers -----------------------------------------------
(rf/reg-event-db ;; sets up initial application state
:initialize ;; usage: (dispatch [:initialize])
(fn [_ _] ;; the two parameters are not important here, so use _
{:time (js/Date.) ;; What it returns becomes the new application state
:time-color "#f88"})) ;; so the application state will initially be a map with two keys
(rf/reg-event-db ;; usage: (dispatch [:time-color-change 34562])
:time-color-change ;; dispatched when the user enters a new colour into the UI text field
(fn [db [_ new-color-value]] ;; -db event handlers given 2 parameters: current application state and event (a vector)
(assoc db :time-color new-color-value))) ;; compute and return the new application state
(rf/reg-event-db ;; usage: (dispatch [:timer a-js-Date])
:timer ;; every second an event of this kind will be dispatched
(fn [db [_ new-time]] ;; note how the 2nd parameter is destructured to obtain the data value
(assoc db :time new-time))) ;; compute and return the new application state
;; -- Domino 4 - Query -------------------------------------------------------
(fn [db _] ;; db is current app state. 2nd unused param is query vector
(:time db))) ;; return a query computation over the application state
(fn [db _]
(:time-color db)))
;; -- Domino 5 - View Functions ----------------------------------------------
(defn clock
{:style {:color @(rf/subscribe [:time-color])}}
(-> @(rf/subscribe [:time])
(str/split " ")
(defn color-input
"Time color: "
[:input {:type "text"
:value @(rf/subscribe [:time-color])
:on-change #(rf/dispatch [:time-color-change (-> % .-target .-value)])}]]) ;; <---
(defn ui
[:h1 "Hello world, it is now"]
;; -- Entry Point -------------------------------------------------------------
(defn ^:export run
(rf/dispatch-sync [:initialize]) ;; puts a value into application state
(dom/render [ui] ;; mount the application's ui into '<div id="app" />'
(js/document.getElementById "app")))
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