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@presto2116 presto2116/Ideas
Created May 8, 2015

What would you like to do?
Project 3 Ideas
Decided to make a gist because I have not nailed down an idea yet.
My first idea is to improve my giphy-my-background app. Currently there is no functionality, but I could see it grow into something fun
User stories
A user can see random gifs and will be able to randomly see another one with a click of the mouse
A user, once logged in, can save favorites for easy recovery
A user can share favorites with friends or get a link to post on social media, email, messaging, slack etc.
A user can search for a category and randomly flip through gifs of that category.
Basically it is stumble upon, but instead of websites, it is with gifs.
Other ideas:
1. Sports app that easily keeps you up to date with your favorite teams scores, schedule, news (sends alerts during close games)
2. DC nonprofits- an app that lets people connect with the nonprofits in dc. Whether you are looking for events, donations, volunteering opportunities.
3. DC routes- collect route, distance and times to see just what is the best way to drive through dc at certain times. (probably too similar to waze. and hard to get data)
4. The Weekly Cookbook. Users can upload meal ideas that can be prepared on sunday nights and last throughout the week for busy working families.
5. dog people- an app that gets dogs and owners together. easily give insight to great places around dc for dogs, dog friendly restaurants, arrange meetups, give insight to pet stores, grooming, training, and dog walking services.
6. Get Outside and Play- create outdoor activities such as soccer games, ultimate frisbee, and other sports. select a date and open it up to registration. If you get enought people to commit, then the activity is held. Easy way to throw out ideas and see if others are interested. Example: its Monday morning and it is pouring rain. All I want to do is play some ultimate frisbee outside and I see the weather is great on saturday. I will create an activity. Activity: Ultimate frisbee, location : Silver Spring park. Date Saturday May 9. Time: 1 to 2 pm. Then open it to the community. If enough are interested, then the creator can send email to interested parties and the event is held. If no interest, try again next week...
I have a lot more ideas floating around and I will continue to add them. Need time to think and decide.
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