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Gollum rackup script
require 'rubygems'
require 'gollum/frontend/app'
system("which git") or raise "Looks like I can't find the git CLI in your path.\nYour path is: #{ENV['PATH']}"
gollum_path = '/Users/priit/Documents/Fraktal/Wiki'
disable :run
configure :development, :staging, :production do
set :raise_errors, true
set :show_exceptions, true
set :dump_errors, true
set :clean_trace, true
$path = gollum_path
Precious::App.set(:gollum_path, gollum_path)
Precious::App.set(:wiki_options, {})
run Precious::App

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@halida halida commented Feb 3, 2017

I'm using gollum_path = File.dirname(__FILE__)

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