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Created July 11, 2011 12:46
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Archipel Beta 3 Changelog

Changelog - Archipel Beta 3

Beta 3.1 change log here

XMPP Bus (StropheCappuccino)

FIX: Bug preventing to properly disconnect
FIX: Memory leak with handler registrar
FIX: Timer in Strophe.js never stopped even when disconnected
NEW: New API to allow to change current user password


FIX: Registering for a hook method that doesn't exist don't make agent crash
NEW: Add conf token for setting a custom migration URI
NEW: Add conf token for vCard informations
NEW: Add conf token for xmpppy_debug
NEW: Add conf token to prevent using block device
NEW: Allow to store permission file to a custom directory
NEW: Improve 501 error logging
NEW: Update the websocket proxy for noVNC

GUI Core

FIX: Bug preventing to remove user in some case
FIX: Update performances of roster retrieval
NEW: Add history for Growl notifications
NEW: Add preference to deactivate the XMPP traffic LEDs
NEW: Add preference to hide offline contacts
NEW: Add vCard information in property view
NEW: All creation/edition/addition window are now CPPopovers (soon merged in Cappuccino)
NEW: Allow users to change their XMPP password from the GUI
NEW: Autorize more than one admin account in GUI plist
NEW: Drastically lower code size using Xcode
NEW: French translation (still in progress)
NEW: German translation (still in progress)
NEW: Hint window appear when your roster is empty to guide beginner
NEW: Improve 501 error logging
NEW: Localization support!
NEW: Module loading revamped (user experience boosted)
NEW: Preference window is now a sheet
NEW: Rewrite all GUI files from cib (Atlas) to xib (Xcode)
NEW: Support for module with Type "General" that are loaded when no entity is selected
NEW: Tons of GUI updates
NEW: Usage of Mac OS X Lion-like scroll views
NEW: Use TNSwipeView for the property view
NEW: Use TNTabView instead of iTunesTabView
NEW: Visual feedback on module status

Hypervisor Health

FIX: Performance improvments
NEW: Support for network usage
NEW: Use CPLevelIndicator for disks usage

Hypervisor Networks

FIX: Define network only when save clicked
FIX: Do not set <ip> when no IP and no netmask is given 
NEW: Great new UI that displays all network information in the table
NEW: Support for Autostart networks

Hypervisor VM Creation

NEW: Allow to set a custom name for clones

Virtual Machine Appliances

FIX: improve error handling when packaging/unpackaging
NEW: Support for chat commands
NEW: Support for not gzipped xvm2

Virtual Machine Controls

NEW: Display a full size screenshot of the virtual machine screen (needs libvirt >= 0.9.1)
NEW: Display a tumbnail screenshot of the virtual machine screen (needs libvirt >= 0.9.1)

Virtual Machine Definition

FIX: Using Archipel to redefine domains with custom XML token doesn't remove them
NEW: GUI optimized
NEW: Set custom IP/Port for VNC
NEW: Support for Block I/O tunning
NEW: Support for deactivating VNC
NEW: Support for libvirt network filter
NEW: Support for Memory tuning
NEW: Total rewrote of the module. Usaing a robust model
NEW: Do not use masking view when VM is running. Just make controls disabled

Virtual Machine Drives

NEW: Improve GUI
NEW: Support for using golden QCOW2 drives

Virtual Machine VNC

FIX: Improve the push system
FIX: Memory leak with Safari on Lion
FIX: Problem with frame buffer messed up sometimes


FIX: Do not crash if retoring a job with past execution time
FIX: Support for APScheduler 1 and 2

User Chat

NEW: new sound for in and out messages
NEW: Revamped messageboard


NEW: add a script that update Archipel repo and all submodules
NEW: add archipel-testxmppserver to ensure ejabberd server configuration is OK
NEW: add that allows to make differencial localization sync
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