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Archipel Beta 4 Changelog

Changelog - Archipel Beta 4.0 (Vesta)

Beta 3 changelog available here

Beta 3.1 changelog available here

Beta 3.2 changelog available here

XMPP Bus (StropheCappuccino)

FIX: Improve some APIs

GUI Core

FIX: Crash like Javascript Array (-1) out of bounds
FIX: Crash when accessing an entity in DND mode
FIX: Crash when pressing ESC from the filter field
FIX: Crash when trying to expand a contact
FIX: Drastically improve performances of Avatar manager (with a platform wide caching system)
FIX: Fix a modal conflict with preferences window
FIX: Fix all cradhes when clicking on modules' menu from main menu
FIX: Improve crash reporting allowing upper level exception catching
FIX: Improve disconnection process
FIX: Improve module loading (fix crash that can happens when using Archipel in other locale than english)
FIX: Remove all zombie popovers
NEW: Allow multiple selection in roster (and create a temporary group)
NEW: Allow to define new entity types directly in info.plist
NEW: Guess the BOSH service according to the JID when not saved
NEW: New documentation theme
NEW: New module API to allow module requesting to be visible
NEW: New shared Push Center: improve push performances by n where n is the number of loaded modules
NEW: Support for setting additional admins accounts without need to rebuild GUI
NEW: Update version of Cappuccino
NEW: Update version of TNKit

Module Controls

FIX: A bug preventing toolbar control buttons to work sometimes
NEW: Allow to disable screenshot feature in archipel.conf (to avoid a monster libvirt bug in 0.9.5, 0.9.6)

Module Creation

NEW: Support for managing/unmanaging libvirt domain (like a better archipel-importvirtual)

Module Definition

FIX: New API for determining if VM is defined or not. (do not rely on error anymore)
FIX: Wrong domain type and wrong emulator used sometimes
NEW: Allow to add up to 255 CPUs for virtual machines
NEW: Allow to see the XML description of a running virtual machine
NEW: Allow vertical scrolling for definition controls
NEW: Support for vdX buses

Module Drives

FIX: Support Debian for recognizing types of drives
NEW: Support for 'x86 boot sector' files as raw disks
NEW: Use python-magic to get the type of files

Module Health

NEW: Display the libvirt hypervisor driver version of the hypervisor
NEW: Display the libvirt version of the hypervisor

Module Networks

NEW: Manual XML editor for networks
NEW: Support for inbound/outbound bandwidth limitation
NEW: Support for using macvtap interfaces
NEW: Use out shiny model system

Module VNC

FIX: Problem with Firefox and their new websocket implementation
NEW: New version of websocket proxy
NEW: Support for enabling websocet debug mode (archipel.conf)
NEW: Support for norwegian and UK keymaps
NEW: Update noVNC

Module XMPP Server

NEW: GUI feedback for commands (success or error)

Platform request

NEW: Add explicit error if ejabberd doesn't support needed feature


FIX: archipel-importvirtual that doesn't generate a XMPP password
NEW: Add archipel-commandsbytags: allow to send chat commands to tagged entities
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