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Changelog - Archipel Beta 5.0 (Moon)

Changelog - Archipel Beta 5.0 (Moon)

Beta 3 changelog available here

Beta 3.1 changelog available here

Beta 3.2 changelog available here

Beta 4.0 changelog available here

XMPP Bus (StropheCappuccino)

FIX: Tons of bugs on managing the roster pushes
NEW: Support for Affiliations management in TNPubsub
NEW: Support for Subscription management in TNPubsub

GUI Core

FIX: Dead keyboard shortcuts
FIX: Fix crash when using CMD+SHIFT+F or using menu 'Search Entity'. (crash 74)
FIX: Improve permission center performances
FIX: Lot of work on performances improvements
FIX: Module loading procedure has been cleaned for better performances
FIX: Problems with non coherent data in roster when using drag and drop
FIX: Reduce memory footprint by mutualizing shared images
FIX: Remove all duplicate stanza sending (increase overall responsivness)
FIX: Remove dead outlets
FIX: Support for TB storage size approximation
FIX: TNModule API has been cleaned for better performances
NEW: Add contextual menu on right click from roster
NEW: Add controls to ask/remove subscription
NEW: Allow to delete several contacts and / or groups at the same time
NEW: Display commit number in status bar
NEW: Display the namespace and the action in case of error
NEW: Fancy graphical effect while module are loading
NEW: Preference to choose the default scrollers style, overlay or legacy
NEW: Toolbar module are now completely full screen (hide roster)
NEW: Updated version of Cappuccino
NEW: Updated version of GrowlCappuccino
NEW: Updated version of LPKit
NEW: Updated version of StropheCappuccino
NEW: Updated version of TNKit
NEW: Updated version of VNCCappuccino

Agent Core

FIX: Dead thread block
FIX: Do not preconfigure if archipel.conf is already existing
FIX: Hypervisor status not updated when waking up virtual machines
FIX: Monster bug in hook unregistration API
NEW: Add a new hook triggered when all plugins are loaded
NEW: archipelcore.pubsub now supports managing affiliation
NEW: archipelcore.scriptutils to provides convenient methods to scripters
NEW: buildAgent can now build RPMs with support for dependencies
NEW: buildAgent has now --livecd option to build ANSOS
NEW: buildAgent has now a log file
NEW: buildAgent has now an option --uninstall to clean everything
NEW: Dynamic admin accounts support
NEW: Only propose to manage persistent domains
NEW: Support for multiple configuration files
NEW: Support for Stateless Node mode (see ANSOS)
NEW: Support for sync adding/retracting pubsub items

Module AutoGroup

NEW: Allow auto grouping when using XML RPC API
NEW: Possible to create separate groups for hypervisors and VMs

Module Conference

FIX: Conference is now a fullscreen module
FIX: Fix a bug when double clicking on conference table. close #349, close #345, close #347

Module Controls

FIX: Better error handling
FIX: Live migration can sometimes fail for no reasons
NEW: Origin hypervisor will check some basic information about the destination to avoid failure
NEW: Support for SSH Based migration

Module Creation

FIX: Double click on VM in the list from an hypervisor selects it if already in roster. close #364
FIX: Fix crash when double clicking in an empty part of the vm table (crash #307)
FIX: Update <description/> tag when managing a virtual machine
FIX: VMs are sorted by name
NEW: Set DND status when cloning a vm

Module Definition

FIX: Improve support of Libvirt OS API in model
FIX: Use rtl8139 as default NIC model
NEW: Full support for character devices in the model
NEW: Preliminary support for using SPICE graphic devices
NEW: Support for Direct Kernel Booting in model
NEW: Support for full Libvirt Clock API in model
NEW: Support for full Libvirt Host Dev API in model
NEW: Support for HU keymap
NEW: Support for macvtap based nic
NEW: Support for per vm or per NIC bandwidth limitation
NEW: Support Libvirt Video API in model. close #406

Module Drives

NEW: Support for drives 'transient', 'shareable', 'readonly'
NEW: python-magic is now embedded right in the module to avoid building problems 

Module Health

NEW: Result of stats is now comptuped in a web worker (thread)
NEW: Display amount of shared memory
NEW: Log table is now more readable
FIX: Wrong units
FIX: Do not floor the value pushed in datasets. close #379

Module Maps

FIX: Fix a crash when map view is removed will asking for locations. #310

Module Networks

FIX: Popover is not closed when changing tab
FIX: Module not loaded if unable to find the nwfilter folder path
NEW: Support for macvtap based networks

Module Permission

NEW: Lazy loading of the XMPP users (support virtually unlimited number of accounts)

Module VMParking

NEW: It is possible to delete permanently a parked VM
NEW: It is possible to edit the XML definition of a parked VM
NEW: It is possible to park and vm's definition and upark it to the same/another hypervisor
NEW: Support for chat command 'park', 'unpark' and 'list'

Module VNC

FIX: Fix error in WebSocket proxy introduced by removing stop() method
FIX: When you stop a VM, all opened external VNC screen are also closed
NEW: Better FR layout support

Module XMPP Server

FIX: Code refactoring
NEW: Lazy loading of the XMPP users (support virtually unlimited number of accounts)
NEW: Support for lazy loading API
NEW: support for live admin account addition/deletion


FIX: ./buildArchipel now takes care of the new Cappuccino's bootstrap
NEW: archipel-adminaccountsnode to add/remove/list admin accounts in dedicated pubsub
NEW: archipel-command to send raw stanza to archipel entities
NEW: archipel-vmparkingnode tool to manage the VMParking
NEW: Git revision is set when building
NEW: runarchipel support for --list-modules
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