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Generating text with a markov chain in R.
text <- readLines('text.txt')
text <- text[nchar(text) > 0]
text <- gsub('.', ' .', text, fixed = TRUE)
text <- gsub(',', ' ,', text, fixed = TRUE)
text <- gsub('!', ' !', text, fixed = TRUE)
text <- gsub('(', '( ', text, fixed = TRUE)
text <- gsub(')', ' )', text, fixed = TRUE)
terms <- unlist(strsplit(text, ' '))
fit <- markovchainFit(data = terms)
paste(markovchainSequence(n=50, markovchain=fit$estimate), collapse=' ')
#s <- createSequenceMatrix(terms, sanitize=FALSE)
#fit2 <- fitHigherOrder(s)

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hareentej2 commented Apr 3, 2018

thanks for the contribution which is precise and effective . but can you please help me in understanding how the sequence of the title is starting from a particular term?
can we give a term as an input and start our sequence from there on wards??


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McCartneyAC commented Aug 26, 2018

you can work starting from a term by using code like this for your final step. t0 represents "term zero" or the initial term.

paste(markovchainSequence(n = 100, markovchain=update_fit$estimate, t0 = "start", include.t0 = TRUE ), collapse = ' ')

does anyone know how to change the depth so that it iterates over bi- or tri-grams rather than going discretely step by step? markovify in python seems to be able to do this but I can't figure out how to do it with markovchain in R.

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