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Last active August 7, 2023 13:16
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A comparison of CSS library sizes.
Name Version Size (uncompressed) Size (minified) Size (gzipped) URL
Bootstrap v3.3.7 143 KB 117 KB 20 KB
Bootstrap v4.0.0 187 KB 147 KB 20 KB
Materialize v3.0 114 KB 90 KB 18 KB
Material Design Lite v1.3.0 350 KB 137 KB 21 KB
mini.css v2.1 47 KB 36 KB 7 KB
Semantic UI v2.2.6 730 KB 550 KB 95 KB
Foundation v3.0 90 KB 64 KB 12 KB
Pure CSS v0.6.2 80 KB 17 KB 3.8 KB
Picnic CSS v6.3.2 55 KB 38 KB 7 KB
Milligram v1.3.0 10 KB 8 KB 2 KB
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valeriu commented Mar 18, 2018

Foundation,v6.4.3,158 KB,118 KB,22 KB,

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gmani2urs commented Dec 4, 2018

Any words about bulma & tailwind..?

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shuchkin commented Jan 9, 2019

Spectre CSS,v0.5.8,60 KB,45 KB,10 KB,

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owenstrevor commented Feb 19, 2019

Minimized CSS Size: 73kb. Gzip: 10kb
Source: (June 20, 2017)

In my test, just now, with Bulma 0.7.4, the Minified size is 177 KB and the gzipped size is 24 KB.

For Spectre v 0.5.8, Minified size is 46 KB and the gzipped size is 10 KB.

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Updates on the newest Bulma vs Bootstrap?

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W3 css?

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prakis commented Mar 6, 2020

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shqld commented Oct 8, 2021

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524c commented Sep 15, 2022

"bulma": "0.9.4"

240K bulma-rtl.css
203K bulma-rtl.min.css
240K bulma.css
202K bulma.min.css

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ggedde commented Dec 1, 2022

You might want to check out SpryCss
One main feature is that most of the package size is from the Sass Variables Maps. So if you remove breakpoints, colors, or spacing variables that are not needed in your project then the size reduces. Or increases if you add more. By default it comes with 3 breakpoints, but for most of my projects I only use 2 and I don't use all the colors which brings it down to about 9kb gzipped.

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