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Overview is a website where users can find a list of all the providers (hosting companies) which provide hosting on a new HTTP/2 protocol.

This spec is not, by any stretch of the imagination, complete. All of the wording will need to be revised several times before it is finalized. The graphics and layout of the screens is shown here merely to illustrate the underlying functionality. The actual look and feel will be developed over time with the input of graphics designers and iterative user feedback.

This spec simply discusses what the user sees when they interact with


Scenario 1: Ray

Ray is a freelancer and he just got a new clients for a project. The speed of this new website the Ray will be building is crucial for the client, so Ray suggested to build a site on top of the HTTP/2 protocol he read about in the DevOps weekly newsletter he receives every week.

But when Ray starts doing research about HTTP/2 providers he finds out that only a small fraction of hosting providers offer it today. Finally he finds a HTTP2hosting website where he can find a suitable hosting company for his client. He lands on a site and instantly he is able to narrow down the possible hosting candidates with a sorting and filtering option:

  • up to $30/mo
  • has fallback to HTTP/1.1

He's so happy he tweets about the website constantly for more than a month!

Sidenote: filtering will not be available in v1. Maybe we will add it later on as the list of the companies grow.

Scenario 2: Melanie

Melanie is a project manager in a IT company called DreamSolutions LTD. In their company have their own server with a software running HTTP/2, but as their portfolio grows over time the server is not able to handle all their clients and moreover they are having quite some problems with it (last months server crashed several times for 1-3 hours and they had to reboot it to get it working back). They are thinking about abandoning their server and move all clients to cloud solution.

On Google she finds very quickly a site called HTTP2hosting. She likes the simplicity and very quickly finds a hosting company which will suit their needs.

She knows she can trust the site as there are no referral (paid) links on it and the users can submit their own content and everything is community-driven. She likes it so much, that she bookmarks it and everyday when she gets back to work she checks for the new hosting companies added in the last day and if there is any shifting in the most popular hosting companies.

Scenario 3: Ted

Ted is an owner of the hosting company WeHostYourReallyReallyREALLYfastWebsite LTD. He loves to offer their clients cutting edge software and their speed is their #1 sales-line. So when HTTP/2 protocol was finished, they updated all the software on their servers to run HTTP/2. Neat.

But when one day he gets email from their great customer:

Hey Ted,

I found today this website called HTTP2hosting and I noticed that your company is not on the list. I though to check if your servers are really running HTTP/2? Thanks!

Ted checks the site and notices that most of the competitors are there, but his company is not. He finds big'ol'button button called Suggest a new company at the top right corner of the website and fills out the form.

Since his company already qualifies to the HTTP/2 standard, the authors of the site approve his submission in about 23 second. He instantly goes and upvotes his company and downvotes all the other (about 83 at that time).

Non Goals

  • blog - we are too lazy to write blogposts.
  • cats-compliant - cats are not our primary target group, so the website will not be tested on real cats if their browsers can access the site. Though probably they will be able to (if they have JS enable).
  • login - we will not be asking users to login to the site in order to use it.

Screen by screen specification

The entire site will be build with meteor.js. So everything will be super dynamic and FAST. Yeah, FAST is GOOD!

Front page

Here we will have some intro text and a table of the providers. The columns will be:

  • name of provider (linking to the single entry page)
  • number of votes (with upvote/downvote arrows)
  • price range, probably just kind of one to five dollar sign, based on the min/max entry in the db. Like this: $$$ or $$$$ or just $.
  • H2h (abbrev. HTTP2hosting) score - this will be some magical factor calculated from mix of the price/performance, rates, popularity, opinions.

Sidenote: how to calculate the H2h score is about to be discussed.

Single entry page

When clicking to a name of the particular provider, the new screen will show more details about that specific provider and options to upvote/downvote or leave a text opinion. This page will include all the information from the Front page, plus:

  • list of all text opinions, provided by community
  • date when that company was added to the list
  • since when the provider offers HTTP/2 hosting
  • brief overview (text)
  • big button to go to the provider's website

When leaving an opinion (aka. comment) to a listing, one should only write name, email and text. This could be powered by Disqus. Alternative is this.

Suggest a new hosting provider

This will be a simple form with fields:

  • name of the hosting provider you want to be added
  • URL
  • URL of the website where is clearly visible that they offer HTTP/2
  • price of the cheapest package with HTTP/2 (per month) in USD
  • your name
  • your email
  • [checkbox]: are you the owner of this business?
  • [textarea]: any additional comments?

About page (and other content pages)

Simple text, nothing too fancy.

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