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Using Zendesk API for article in multiple sections
// fix to display general questions in themes' sections
// using Zendesk API
// @link
(function() {
if ( $( '.breadcrumbs a[href*="200506781"]' ).length ) { // 200506781 is ID of the section for general questions
var config = {
$articleList: $( 'ul.article-list' ),
tmpl: _.template( '<li><a href="<%= url %>"><%- title %></a></li>' ),
apiUrl: '',
var appendArticles = function( data ) {
_.each( data.articles, addArticle );
var addArticle = function( article ) {
config.$articleList.append( config.tmpl( {
title: article.title,
url: article.html_url,
} ) );
$.get( config.apiUrl, '', appendArticles );
// hide dummyhide articles - if section has 0 articles fix
(function() {
$( '.article-list a[href*="dummyhide"]' ).parent().remove();

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@kalico1 kalico1 commented Aug 14, 2015

This is really exciting...would love to test it out. You mentioned writing a tutorial....any timeline for getting that done? I think I can piece it together from what you've said, but....stuff happens. ;-)


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@starr321000 starr321000 commented Aug 18, 2015

HI Primoz,

Thanks very much for putting this together. Wondering if you might have time for a question? I am getting an "Unexpected token ILLEGAL" error on line 8 when trying to implement it with my Zendesk instance. Any ideas what the issue could be?


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