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Last active Feb 15, 2019

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tfold is a helper to create folded reports on travis
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# How to use:
# And add it to your bash file
# source ./
# tfold "fold name" "command to execute"
nanoseconds() {
local cmd="date"
local format="+%s%N"
local os=$(uname)
if hash gdate > /dev/null 2>&1; then
elif [[ "$os" = Darwin ]]; then
$cmd -u $format
# Arguments:
# $1 fold name
# $2 command to execute
tfold () {
local title=$1
local fold=$(echo "$title" | sed -r 's/[^-_A-Za-z\d]+/./g')
local id=$(printf %08x $(( RANDOM * RANDOM )))
local start=$(nanoseconds)
echo -e "travis_fold:start:$fold"
echo -e "travis_time:start:$id"
echo -e "\\e[1;34m$title\\e[0m"
bash -xc "$*" 2>&1
local ok=$?
local end=$(nanoseconds)
echo -e "\\ntravis_time:end:$id:start=$start,finish=$end,duration=$(($end-$start))"
(exit $ok) &&
echo -e "\\e[32mOK\\e[0m $title\\n\\ntravis_fold:end:$fold" ||
echo -e "\\e[41mKO\\e[0m $title\\n"
(exit $ok)
export -f nanoseconds;
export -f tfold;

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