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hiroki osame privatenumber

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privatenumber / light-dark-image.svg
Last active Sep 11, 2021
Light/dark mode SVG image
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CSS line-height

What's the default value?

line-height has a initial value of normal. What normal means depends on the user agent (browser). Desktop browsers (including Firefox) use a default value of roughly 1.1~1.2, depending on the element's font-family. It's best set a line-height for consistent behavior across browsers.

What unit should be used?

Using a unitless value is the preferred way to set line-height to avoid unexpected results due to inheritance. Unitless values are multipliers against the font-size (eg. a 1.5 line-height on a 16px font-size yields a 24px line-height) and behave the same way a percentage line-height does if there is no inheritence.

How is the unitless value different from a percentage?

They're both multipliers, but behave differently when inherited.

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<!doctype html>
<svg style="display: none">
<svg id="plus">
<path d="M8 2V14M2 8H14" stroke="black" stroke-width="2"/>
<svg id="circle">
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window.helloworld = (window.helloworld || 0) + 1;
privatenumber / increaseConsoleGroupIndent.js
Created Apr 24, 2020
Increase indentation
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const kGroupIndent = Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(console).find(s => s.description === 'kGroupIndent');
function increaseConsoleGroupIndent(increaseIndentBy = ' ') {
const { group, groupEnd } = console; = function () {
group.apply(this, arguments);
this[kGroupIndent] += increaseIndentBy;
console.groupEnd = function () {
groupEnd.apply(this, arguments);
say "hellod";
say "bye bye3"
View releases.js
"version": "v3.28.0", // Latest release
"assets": [
{ "version": "v3.28.0" },
{ "version": "v3.27.7" },
{ "version": "v3.26.0" },
{ "version": "v2.13.1" },
{ "version": "v2.13.0" },
privatenumber / planets.json
Last active Feb 1, 2019
Planets Data for Orbit Demo
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"planet": "Mercury",
"moons": 0,
"diameter": 4879,
"distanceFromSun": 57.9,
"icon": ""
"planet": "Venus",
View VueLifecycleTap.js
window.VueLifecycleTap = ['beforeCreate', 'created', 'beforeMount', 'mounted', 'beforeUpdate', 'updated', 'beforeDestroy', 'destroyed'].reduce((agg, curr) => {
agg[curr] = function() {
console.log(`uid: ${this._uid} -`, curr);
return agg;
}, {});