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Yet another parametric type in Common Lisp
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(ql:quickload :fiveam)
(use-package '(:fiveam :sb-mop)))
(defclass parametric-class (class)
((parameters :initform nil :initarg :parameters)
(cache-reified-classes :initform (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
:initarg :cache-reified-classes)))
(defclass parametric-structure-class (structure-class parametric-class)
((original-direct-slots :initform nil :initarg :original-direct-slots)))
(defclass parametric-standard-class (standard-class parametric-class) ())
(deftype type-specifier () '(or symbol list class))
(declaim (ftype (function (parametric-class list) (values parametric-class &optional)) make-reified-class))
(defun make-reified-class (class parameters)
(declare (parametric-class class)
(list parameters))
(when (slot-value class 'parameters)
(error "MAKE-REIFIED-CLASS was called for the already reified class ~A." class))
(let ((cache (slot-value class 'cache-reified-classes)))
(or (gethash parameters cache)
(let* ((class-name (class-name class))
(reified-class-name (gensym (symbol-name class-name)))
(ensure-class reified-class-name
:metaclass (class-of class)
:direct-superclasses `(,class-name)
:parameters parameters
:cache-reified-classes (slot-value class 'cache-reified-classes))))
(setf (gethash parameters cache) reified-class)))))
(defun same-typep (type-specifier1 type-specifier2 &optional env)
(and (subtypep type-specifier1 type-specifier2 env)
(subtypep type-specifier2 type-specifier1 env)))
(defun extract-parameter (ctype parametric-class template)
(declare (sb-kernel:ctype ctype)
(parametric-class parametric-class)
(symbol template))
(labels ((classoid-parameter (classoid)
(let ((class (find-class (sb-kernel:classoid-name classoid))))
(when (subtypep class parametric-class)
(cdr (assoc template (slot-value class 'parameters)))))))
(typecase ctype
(sb-kernel:classoid (classoid-parameter ctype))
(reduce (lambda (p1 p2) (if (same-typep p1 p2) p1 nil))
(sb-kernel:union-type-types ctype)
:key (lambda (ctype) (extract-parameter ctype parametric-class template))))
(reduce (lambda (p1 p2)
(if (and p1 p2)
(if (same-typep p1 p2)
(error "Contradictory parameters derived: ~A ~A. Note that yapt's type parameters are invariant." p1 p2))
(or p1 p2)))
(sb-kernel:intersection-type-types ctype)
:key (lambda (ctype) (extract-parameter ctype parametric-class template))))
(t nil))))
;; Example parametric structure (binary heap)
(when (find-class 'heap nil)
(setf (find-class 'heap nil) nil))
(defstruct (heap (:constructor %make-heap
&key test (element-type t)
&aux (data (make-array (1+ size) :element-type element-type))))
(:conc-name %heap-)
(:copier nil))
(data #() :type (simple-array * (*)))
(test #'< :type function)
(next-position 1 :type (integer 1 #.most-positive-fixnum)))
(sb-mop:ensure-class-using-class nil 'heap
:metaclass 'parametric-structure-class
:original-direct-slots (class-direct-slots (find-class 'heap))))
(defmethod print-object ((x heap) stream)
(sb-kernel:default-structure-print x stream sb-kernel:*current-level-in-print*))
(defmethod make-load-form ((object parametric-class) &optional env)
(declare (ignore env))
`(make-reified-class (find-class 'heap) ',(slot-value object 'parameters)))
;; (declaim (inline make-heap))
(sb-c:defknown make-heap ((integer 0 #.array-total-size-limit) &key (:test function) (:element-type type-specifier))
heap ()
:overwrite-fndb-silently t)
;; (declaim (ftype (function ((integer 0 #.array-total-size-limit) &key (:test function) (:element-type type-specifier)) (values heap &optional)) make-heap))
(defun make-heap (size &key (test #'<) (element-type t) &aux (data (make-array (1+ size) :element-type element-type)))
(make-instance (make-reified-class (find-class 'heap) `((element-type . ,element-type)))
:data data :test test))
(sb-c:deftransform make-heap ((size &key (test #'<) element-type) (* &key (:test *) (:element-type *)) *)
(unless (sb-c::constant-lvar-p element-type)
(sb-c::give-up-ir1-transform "ELEMENT-TYPE is not constant."))
(let* ((reified-class (make-reified-class (find-class 'heap)
`((element-type . ,(sb-c::lvar-value element-type))))))
;; (describe reified-class)
`(let ((data (make-array (1+ size) :element-type element-type)))
(the ,reified-class (make-instance ,reified-class :data data :test test)))))
;; (sb-c:defoptimizer (make-heap sb-c:derive-type) ((size &key test element-type))
;; (declare (ignore size test))
;; (format t "optimizer called ~A~%" element-type)
;; (if (sb-c::constant-lvar-p element-type)
;; (sb-c::specifier-type (make-reified-class (find-class 'heap) `((element-type . ,(sb-c::lvar-value element-type)))))
;; (sb-c::specifier-type 'heap)))
;; (defmethod initialize-instance ((instance heap) &rest initargs)
;; (apply #'shared-initialize instance t initargs))
(defmethod initialize-instance ((instance heap) &rest initargs &key (data #()) (test #'<) (next-position 1) &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore initargs))
(setf (%heap-data instance) data
(%heap-test instance) test
(%heap-next-position instance) next-position)
(deftype specialized-heap (&optional element-type)
(if (or (null element-type) (eql '* element-type))
(find-class 'heap)
(make-reified-class (find-class 'heap) `((element-type . ,element-type)))))
(sb-c:defknown heap-data (heap) (simple-array * (*))
(sb-c:foldable sb-c:flushable)
:overwrite-fndb-silently t)
(defun heap-data (instance)
(%heap-data instance))
(sb-c:deftransform heap-data ((instance) (heap))
(let* ((ctype (sb-c::lvar-type instance))
(element-type (or (extract-parameter ctype (find-class 'heap) 'element-type) '*)))
`(the (simple-array ,element-type (*)) (%heap-data instance))))
(declaim (inline heap-test))
(defun heap-test (instance)
(%heap-test instance))
(declaim (inline heap-next-position))
(defun heap-next-position (instance)
(%heap-next-position instance))
(declaim (inline (setf heap-next-position)))
(defun (setf heap-next-position) (value instance)
(setf (%heap-next-position instance) value))
(declaim (inline heap-push))
(defun heap-push (obj heap)
(symbol-macrolet ((next-position (heap-next-position heap)))
(let ((data (heap-data heap))
(test (heap-test heap)))
(labels ((update (pos)
(unless (= pos 1)
(let ((parent-pos (ash pos -1)))
(when (funcall test (aref data pos) (aref data parent-pos))
(rotatef (aref data pos) (aref data parent-pos))
(update parent-pos))))))
(setf (aref data next-position) obj)
(update next-position)
(incf next-position)
(declaim (inline heap-pop))
(defun heap-pop (heap &optional (error t) null-value)
(symbol-macrolet ((next-position (heap-next-position heap)))
(let ((data (heap-data heap))
(test (heap-test heap)))
(labels ((update (pos)
(declare ((integer 1 #.most-positive-fixnum) pos))
(let* ((child-pos1 (+ pos pos))
(child-pos2 (1+ child-pos1)))
(when (<= child-pos1 next-position)
(if (<= child-pos2 next-position)
(if (funcall test (aref data child-pos1) (aref data child-pos2))
(unless (funcall test (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos1))
(rotatef (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos1))
(update child-pos1))
(unless (funcall test (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos2))
(rotatef (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos2))
(update child-pos2)))
(unless (funcall test (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos1))
(rotatef (aref data pos) (aref data child-pos1))))))))
(if (= next-position 1)
(if error
(error "No element in heap")
(prog1 (aref data 1)
(decf next-position)
(setf (aref data 1) (aref data next-position))
(update 1)))))))
(declaim (inline heap-peak))
(defun heap-peak (heap &optional (error t) null-value)
(if (= 1 (heap-next-position heap))
(if error
(error "No element in heap")
(aref (heap-data heap) 1)))
(defun bench (&optional (size 2000000))
(declare (optimize (speed 3)))
(let* ((heap (make-heap size :element-type 'fixnum))
(seed (seed-random-state 0)))
(declare ((specialized-heap fixnum) heap))
(time (dotimes (i size)
(heap-push (random most-positive-fixnum seed) heap)))
(time (dotimes (i size)
(heap-pop heap)))))
(defun bench-init (&optional (num 10000000))
(declare (optimize (speed 3))
(fixnum num))
(time (dotimes (i num) (make-heap 1 :element-type 'fixnum))))
;; Evaluation took:
;; 3.625 seconds of real time
;; 3.609375 seconds of total run time (3.609375 user, 0.000000 system)
;; [ Run times consist of 0.032 seconds GC time, and 3.578 seconds non-GC time. ]
;; 99.56% CPU
;; 3 lambdas converted
;; 9,058,020,173 processor cycles
;; 1,760,201,280 bytes consed
;; Evaluation took:
;; 3.687 seconds of real time
;; 3.687500 seconds of total run time (3.687500 user, 0.000000 system)
;; [ Run times consist of 0.062 seconds GC time, and 3.626 seconds non-GC time. ]
;; 100.03% CPU
;; 9,193,560,006 processor cycles
;; 1,599,996,000 bytes consed
;; For test
(test heap-test
(let ((h (make-heap 20)))
(finishes (dolist (o (list 7 18 22 15 27 9 11))
(heap-push o h)))
(is (= 7 (heap-peak h)))
(is (equal '(7 9 11 15 18 22 27)
(loop repeat 7 collect (heap-pop h))))
(signals error (heap-pop h))
(is (eql 'eof (heap-pop h nil 'eof)))
(is (eql 'eof (heap-peak h nil 'eof))))
(is (typep (heap-data (make-heap 10 :element-type 'fixnum))
'(simple-array fixnum (*)))))
(run! 'heap-test)
(test parameter-test
(is (eql 'long-float
(extract-parameter (sb-c::specifier-type '(and (specialized-heap long-float) (satisfies heap-p)))
(find-class 'heap)
(run! 'parameter-test)
;; Memo:
;; - Cached reified classs should be looked up with SAME-TYPEP.
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