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# Typically in Rails to use VCR we setup the RSpec config like so:
RSpec.configure do |config|
config.extend VCR::RSpec::Macros #deprecated
# This gives us access to the use_vcr_cassette method:
describe Reviewed::Article do
use_vcr_cassette 'article/grill'
# This now will issue deprecation warnings. The preferred method now is
# to use rspec metadata options. Do not put above lines in your RSpec config.
# Instead in your VCR config add:
VCR.configure do |config|
# In order to use VCR for a spec group you now have two options:
describe Reviewed::Article, vcr: true do
# This will automatically create fixture folders and files in your configured
# location using spec group block names as appropriate.
# The second option is to pass options to vcr:
vcr_options = { cassette_name: 'article/grill' }
describe Reviewed::Article, vcr: vcr_options do
# This will allow you to override any vcr option like setting the casette name.
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