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<title>Shallow vs Deep Copy</title>
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<h1>Shallow vs Deep Copy</h1>
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In NodeJS we only have the JSON methods.
Beyond that you will have to bring in
an NPM module or write your own
custom method.
Deep Copy methods
1. JSON.parse(JSON.stringify())
2. Service Workers postMessage() onmessage
3. History API history.pushState(obj, title) history.state
4. Notification API new Notification("title", {data: obj} ).data
5. Build a custom recursive function
let shallowArr = [123,
let deepArr = [123,
['Hank', 'Brent', 'Lacy'],
{'Rouleau':'Dog River',
'Wilcox': 'Woolerton'}
let deepObj = {
'characters': ['Wanda','Davis','Emma','Karen'],
'places': ['Corner Gas','Ruby','Foo Mart'],
'grad68': false,
'seasons': 5
let newObj = {...deepObj};
//newObj.places[0] = 'Ottawa'; //changed inside ref.
//newObj.places = ['Ottawa', 'Calcutta']; //new ref
console.log(newObj, deepObj);
let otherObj = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(deepObj));
otherObj.places[0] = 'Ottawa';
console.log(otherObj, deepObj);
Shallow Copy Method examples
1. arr1.slice(0)
2. [].concat(arr1)
3. Spread Operator
4. Object.create({}, obj)
5. Object.assign({}, obj)
6. Array.from(arr1)
let s = 'steve';
let g = s;
s = 'new value';
//console.log(s, g);
let arr = Array.from(shallowArr);
//let arr1 = [...shallowArr];
shallowArr[0] = 456;
//console.log(arr, shallowArr);
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