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The portfolio rebalancing bot will buy and sell to maintain a constant asset allocation ratio of exactly 50/50 = fiat/BTC
The portfolio rebalancing bot will buy and sell to maintain a
constant asset allocation ratio of exactly 50/50 = fiat/BTC
# line too long - pylint: disable=C0301
# too many local variables - pylint: disable=R0914
import glob
import strategy
import time
DISTANCE = 7 # percent price distance of next rebalancing orders
FIAT_COLD = 0 # Amount of Fiat stored at home but included in calculations
COIN_COLD = 0 # Amount of Coin stored at home but included in calculations
MARKER = 7 # lowest digit of price to identify bot's own orders
COIN = 1E8 # number of satoshi per coin, this is a constant.
def add_marker(price, marker):
"""encode a marker in the price value to find bot's own orders"""
return price // 10 * 10 + marker
def has_marker(price, marker):
"""return true if the price value has the marker"""
return (price % 10) == marker
def mark_own(price):
"""return the price with our own marker embedded"""
return add_marker(price, MARKER)
def is_own(price):
"""return true if this price has our own marker"""
return has_marker(price, MARKER)
def write_log(txt):
"""write line to a separate logfile"""
with open("_balancer.log", "a") as myfile:
myfile.write(txt + "\n")
class Strategy(strategy.Strategy):
"""a portfolio rebalancing bot"""
def __init__(self, gox):
strategy.Strategy.__init__(self, gox)
self.temp_halt = False
def slot_keypress(self, gox, (key)):
"""a key has been pressed"""
if key == ord("c"):
# cancel existing rebalancing orders and suspend trading
self.debug("canceling all rebalancing orders")
self.temp_halt = True
if key == ord("p"):
# create the initial two rebalancing orders and start trading.
# Before you do this the portfolio should already be balanced.
# use "i" to show current status and "b" to rebalance with a
# market order at current price.
self.debug("adding new initial rebalancing orders")
self.temp_halt = False
if key == ord("u"):
# update the own order list and wallet by forcing what
# normally happens only after reconnect
if key == ord("i"):
# print some information into the log file about
# current status (how much currently out of balance)
price = ( + gox.orderbook.ask) / 2
vol_buy = self.get_buy_at_price(price)
price_balanced = self.get_price_where_it_was_balanced()
step_factor = 1 + DISTANCE / 100.0
price_sell = self.get_next_sell_price(price_balanced, step_factor)
price_buy = self.get_next_buy_price(price_balanced, step_factor)
self.debug("BTC difference at current price:",
self.debug("Price where it would be balanced:",
"- next two orders would be at:",
vol = gox.base2float(gox.monthly_volume)
fee = gox.trade_fee
self.debug("monthly volume: %g / trade fee: %g%%" % (vol, fee))
if key == ord("b"):
# manually rebalance with market order at current price
price = ( + gox.orderbook.ask) / 2
vol_buy = self.get_buy_at_price(price)
if abs(vol_buy) > 0.01 * COIN:
self.temp_halt = True
if vol_buy > 0:
self.debug("buy %f at market" %
gox.base2float(vol_buy)), vol_buy)
self.debug("sell %f at market" %
gox.sell(0, -vol_buy)
def cancel_orders(self):
"""cancel all rebalancing orders, we identify
them through the marker in the price value"""
must_cancel = []
for order in self.gox.orderbook.owns:
if is_own(order.price):
for order in must_cancel:
def get_price_where_it_was_balanced(self):
"""get the price at which it was perfectly balanced, given the current
BTC and Fiat account balances. Immediately after a rebalancing order was
filled this should be pretty much excactly the price where the order was
filled (because by definition it should be quite exactly balanced then),
so even after missing the trade message due to disconnect it should be
possible to place the next 2 orders precisely around the new center"""
gox = self.gox
fiat_have = gox.quote2float(gox.wallet[gox.curr_quote]) + FIAT_COLD
btc_have = gox.base2float(gox.wallet[gox.curr_base]) + COIN_COLD
return gox.quote2int(fiat_have / btc_have)
def get_buy_at_price(self, price_int):
"""calculate amount of BTC needed to buy at price to achieve rebalancing.
Negative return value means we need to sell. price and return value is
in mtgox integer format"""
gox = self.gox
fiat_have = gox.quote2float(gox.wallet[gox.curr_quote]) + FIAT_COLD
btc_have = gox.base2float(gox.wallet[gox.curr_base]) + COIN_COLD
price_then = gox.quote2float(price_int)
btc_value_then = btc_have * price_then
diff = fiat_have - btc_value_then
diff_btc = diff / price_then
must_buy = diff_btc / 2
# Now compensate the fees: if its a buy then buy a little bit more,
# if its a sell (must_buy is negative) then sell a little bit more.
# We only add half of the fee to distribute it 50/50 to both balances.
# (for this to work the MtGox fee settings must be at default: take
# the fee from BTC after buying and take it from USD after selling)
must_buy *= (1 + self.gox.trade_fee / 200)
# convert into satoshi integer
must_buy_int = self.gox.base2int(must_buy)
return must_buy_int
def place_orders(self):
"""place two new rebalancing orders above and below center price"""
center = self.get_price_where_it_was_balanced()
"center is %f" % self.gox.quote2float(center))
step_factor = 1 + DISTANCE / 100.0
next_sell = self.get_next_sell_price(center, step_factor)
next_buy = self.get_next_buy_price(center, step_factor)
sell_amount = -self.get_buy_at_price(next_sell)
buy_amount = self.get_buy_at_price(next_buy)
if sell_amount < 0.01 * COIN:
sell_amount = int(0.01 * COIN)
self.debug("WARNING! minimal sell amount adjusted to 0.01")
if buy_amount < 0.01 * COIN:
buy_amount = int(0.01 * COIN)
self.debug("WARNING! minimal buy amount adjusted to 0.01")
self.debug("new buy order %f at %f" % (
)), buy_amount)
self.debug("new sell order %f at %f" % (
self.gox.sell(next_sell, sell_amount)
# write some account information to a separate log file
datetime = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M", time.localtime())
write_log('"%s", %f, %f, %s' % (
self.gox.quote2float(self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_quote]) + FIAT_COLD,
self.gox.base2float(self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_base]) + COIN_COLD
def slot_trade(self, gox, (date, price, volume, typ, own)):
"""a trade message has been receivd"""
# not interested in other people's trades
if not own:
# not interested in manually entered (not bot) trades
if not is_own(price):
text = {"bid": "sold", "ask": "bought"}[typ]
self.debug("*** %s %f at %f" % (
def slot_owns_changed(self, orderbook, _dummy):
"""status or amount of own open orders has changed"""
def check_trades(self):
"""find out if we need to place new orders and do it if neccesary"""
# bot temporarily disabled
if self.temp_halt:
# right after initial connection we have no
# wallet yet, we cannot trade anyways without that,
# must wait until private/info is received.
if self.gox.wallet == {}:
# still waiting for submitted orders,
# can wait for next signal
if self.gox.count_submitted:
# we count the open and pending orders
count = 0
count_pending = 0
book = self.gox.orderbook
for order in book.owns:
if is_own(order.price):
if order.status == "open":
count += 1
count_pending += 1
# as long as there are ANY pending orders around we
# just do nothing and wait for the next signal
if count_pending:
# if count is exacty 1 then one of the orders must have been filled,
# now we cancel the other one and place two fresh orders in the
# distance of DISTANCE around center price.
if count == 1:
def get_next_buy_price(self, center, step_factor):
"""get the next buy price. If there is a forced price level
then it will return that, otherwise return center - step"""
price = self.get_forced_price(center, False)
if not price:
price = mark_own(int(round(center / step_factor)))
return price
def get_next_sell_price(self, center, step_factor):
"""get the next sell price. If there is a forced price level
then it will return that, otherwise return center + step"""
price = self.get_forced_price(center, True)
if not price:
price = mark_own(int(round(center * step_factor)))
return price
def get_forced_price(self, center, need_ask):
"""get externally forced price level for order"""
prices = []
found = glob.glob("_balancer_force_*")
if len(found):
for name in found:
price = self.gox.quote2int(float(name.split("_")[3]))
except: #pylint: disable=W0702
if need_ask:
for price in prices:
if price > center * 1.005:
return mark_own(price)
for price in reversed(prices):
if price < center * 0.995:
return mark_own(price)
return None
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