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// Rotate the entire assembly for printing
rotate([90,0,0]) {
// Create the main beam and cut a cylinder that's
// wide enough for the SMA connector to pass through
// Main beam, 90x15x5mm
// Hole for SMA connector, radius of 5mm,
// smooth the edges by a factor of 200,
// make the hole the same height as the main beam (5mm)
// move it into the center of the main beam
translate([7.5,7.5,0]) cylinder(r=5, $fn=200, h=5);
// The only reason this is blue is so we can see it when
// we render in draft mode
// Create a "stalk" from the main beam that will hold the cable nicely
color("blue") translate([15,0,5]) difference() {
// The stalk
// Just as before, create a cylinder and then cut it out of the stalk
// but this time position it so that only half the cylinder is cut out
translate([0,7.5,26]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(r=2.4,$fn=200,h=6);
// Window is 3.1mm thick, needs to be supported for at least 50mm
translate([77,0,0]) {
difference() {
// we need to cut a cylinder through two beams, making sure
// that the cylinder is at the same height for each.
// We Union the beams...
union() { cube([5,15,50]);
translate([8.1,0,0]) cube([5,15,50]);
// and then cut out the cylinder as before
translate([0,7.5,10]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(r=5, $fn=200, h=20);
// Create a support for the main antenna tube so we're not trying to print in mid-air
translate([7.5,0,-50]) cube([2,1,50]);
// Create a tube that's 5mm radius inside a tube that's 7.5mm radius,
// giving us a wall thickness of 2.5mm
translate([7.5,7.5,-50]) difference(){
cylinder(r=7.5,$fn=200, h=50);
cylinder(r=5, $fn=200, h=50);
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