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#jArchi Create createViewReference between concept and view, back and forth, to ease navigation
// Link concept to View
// 2020 David GERARD
// For selected concept in view, search the model for a view with the same name.
// If found,
// - create a .createViewReference() positioned in the upperleft corner of the concept, pointing to the view with the same name
// - create a .createViewReference() positioned in the upperleft corner of the view with the same name, point to the view holding the selected concept
// Quite useful to describe process and subprocesses, and especially with the HTML export
// No nesting for the time being; follow [Extend .createViewReference with 'autoNest' optional boolean parameter · Issue #81 · archimatetool/archi-scripting-plugin](
// Roadmap:
// - currently the script should not be run multiple times for the same concept: it will create multiple .createViewReference(), stacked
// # Functions
// # Variables
var list = $(selection);
all_views = $("archimate-diagram-model");
// # Main;
console.log("> Link concept to View:");
list.each(function(theConcept) {
currentConceptView = $(".""archimate-diagram-model").first() ;
if ($(".""archimate-diagram-model").first()!= null) {
var targetView = $(".""archimate-diagram-model").first() ;
viewRef = currentConceptView.createViewReference(targetView, theConcept.bounds.x, theConcept.bounds.y, 30, 30);
viewRef = targetView.createViewReference(currentConceptView, 10, 10, 30, 30);
console.log("> Ending properly");
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