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proudcommerce / OXID eShop - MySQL Snippets
Last active Jun 18, 2020
collection of useful and important mysql snippets for the oxid eshop
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/* artikelnamen aller artikel anzeigen, welcher einer bestimmten kategorie zugeordnet sind [] */
select oxarticles.oxtitle, oxarticles.OXVARSELECT as Variant, oxcategories.OXTITLE as Kategorie from oxarticles left join oxobject2category on oxarticles.OXID = oxobject2category.OXOBJECTID left join oxcategories on oxcategories.OXID = oxobject2category.OXCATNID where oxcategories.OXROOTID = '<YOUR-CATEGORY-OXID>';
/* variantenpreise (oxvarmin, oxvarmax) anhand der aktuellen artikel aktualisieren [] */
UPDATE oxarticles B, (SELECT oxparentid,MIN( oxprice ) AS min ,MAX( oxprice ) AS max FROM oxarticles GROUP BY oxparentid) AS A SET oxvarminprice = A.min, oxvarmaxprice = A.max WHERE B.oxid = A.oxparentid
proudcommerce / OXID eShop - Redirect old seo urls
Created Dec 25, 2013
Script for saving old seo urls. Redirects old seo urls (e. g. from an other shop software after relaunch) to the new oxid shop seo urls.
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