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Example 1 of returning data back from a runspace
# Create an array of computers to do work against
$Computers = “computer01”,”computer02”,”computer03”,”computer04”,”computer05”
# Create an empty array that we'll use later
$RunspaceCollection = @()
# This is the array we want to ultimately add our information to
[Collections.Arraylist]$qwinstaResults = @()
# Create a Runspace Pool with a minimum and maximum number of run spaces. (
$RunspacePool = [RunspaceFactory]::CreateRunspacePool(1,5)
# Open the RunspacePool so we can use it
# Define a script block to actually do the work
$ScriptBlock = {
$queryResults = C:\PsExec.exe "\\$Computer" -s qwinsta 2>&1 | where {$_.gettype().equals([string]) }
} #/ScriptBlock
# Create PowerShell objects, then for each one add the unique computer name.
Foreach ($Computer in $Computers) {
# Create a PowerShell object to run add the script and argument.
# We first create a Powershell object to use, and simualtaneously add our script block we made earlier, and add our arguement that we created earlier
$Powershell = [PowerShell]::Create().AddScript($ScriptBlock).AddArgument($Computer)
# Specify runspace to use
# This is what let's us run concurrent and simualtaneous sessions
$Powershell.RunspacePool = $RunspacePool
# Create Runspace collection
# When we create the collection, we also define that each Runspace should begin running
[Collections.Arraylist]$RunspaceCollection += New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
Runspace = $PowerShell.BeginInvoke()
PowerShell = $PowerShell
} #/New-Object
} #/ForEach
# Now we need to wait for everything to finish running, and when it does go collect our results and cleanup our run spaces
# We just say that so long as we have anything in our RunspacePool to keep doing work. This works since we clean up each runspace as it completes.
While($RunspaceCollection) {
# Just a simple ForEach loop for each Runspace to get resolved
Foreach ($Runspace in $RunspaceCollection.ToArray()) {
# Here's where we actually check if the Runspace has completed
If ($Runspace.Runspace.IsCompleted) {
# Since it's completed, we get our results here
# Here's where we cleanup our Runspace
} #/If
} #/ForEach
} #/While
Write-Host "`nThe Results of qwinstaResults is ... `n"
Write-Host ""
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