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JazzCon 2018 Workshop Instructions
Welcome to JazzCon.Tech 2018!
If you're attending, please try to do these setup instructions before arriving at the venue on Wednesday morning.
We'll have wifi, but some of the larger installs are better done beforehand if possible.
Of course, you'll need a nice IDE/Editor installed; Atom, VSCode are both free and work well. Additionally, choose which workshop you'd like to attend, then follow the instructions below.
React Native Workshop:
#Unlock workshop:
#unlock workshop - a web browser and an internet connection should suffice.
React Workshop:
Elm Workshop:
Functional JS Workshop
Install the latest version of Node.js LTS (8.9.4), and an editor
Angualr Workshop Requirements
Hope you are as excited as I am about Angular. As an Angular GDE (Google Developer Expert), I have been following along with new releases and features.
Angular (v5+) introduces few improvements along with better performance and smaller bundles footprint. In this training we are going to cover some of these areas and the less known so you can take Angular to a new racing speed level!
We are going to use Angular-CLI (v1.5.4). The final solution will be provided during the workshop. Angular is very exciting but can be frustrating sometimes. Don’t forget to have fun! =)
Setting up Angular
Follow the instructions on the following link to get the basic environment working in your laptop before the session (getting-started [1] and prerequisites [2]). If you find any bug or need support please report it here [3].
Looking forward to meet you!
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