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Last active January 27, 2023 08:35
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python open_sftp() context manager for sftp read and writing of files with similar behavior to open()
from contextlib import contextmanager
from urlparse import urlparse
from paramiko import AuthenticationException
import pysftp
def open_sftp(url, mode='r', n_retries=5, retry_sleep_time=5):
"""Context manager to read/write a file via SFTP
Note: We are using urlparse.urlparse to parse the :attr:`url`. There is
an corner case where this will not work if there is a ':' in the username.
:param url: Path to file with the format
:param mode: The mode to open the file with. Either 'r' or 'w'
:param n_retries: The number of times to retry connecting to the SFTP server
:param retry_sleep_time: The number of seconds to sleep between retries
:returns: File object for the specified file
:ValueError: If there is an error with the input
:AuthenticationException: If could not connect
:IOError: If file cannot be found/opened
# Make sure that we have a proper minimum retry settings
n_retries = n_retries or 5
n_retries = max(n_retries, 1)
retry_sleep_time = retry_sleep_time or 5
retry_sleep_time = max(retry_sleep_time, 1)
# Parse url into username, password, host, port, path
# using the proper ftp URL syntax of
# sftp://username:password@host:port/path/to/file.txt
split_url = urlparse(url)
if not split_url.scheme == 'sftp':
raise ValueError(
"Invalid URL: Invalid scheme '{}'".format(split_url.scheme))
if not split_url.hostname:
raise ValueError("Invalid URL: No hostname")
if not split_url.path:
raise ValueError("Invalid URL: No file path")
path_split = split_url.path.split('/')
if len(path_split) < 1:
raise ValueError(
"Invalid URL: Invalid path '{}'".format(split_url.path))
file_name = path_split.pop()
file_path = path_split
if not file_name:
raise ValueError("Invalid URL: No file name")
cinfo = {
'host': split_url.hostname,
'username': split_url.username,
'password': split_url.password
if split_url.port:
cinfo['port'] = split_url.port
except ValueError:
raise ValueError("Invalid URL: Invalid port")
# Connect to host. Sometimes it takes a couple tries... =(
sftp = None
for i in xrange(n_retries-1):
sftp = pysftp.Connection(**cinfo)
except AuthenticationException:
warnings.warn("Could not authenticate... Will re-attempt")
import time as t
# Try one more time... if this fails, raise the AuthenticationError
if not sftp:
sftp = pysftp.Connection(**cinfo)
for directory in file_path:
# Skip blanks (e.g. caused by '//')
if not directory:
except IOError as exc:
raise IOError(
"Could not navigate to path '{}': {}".format(
'/'.join(file_path), exc))
file_obj =, mode=mode)
except IOError as exc:
raise IOError("Could not open file '{}' in path '{}': {}".format(
file_name, file_path, exc))
yield file_obj
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