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This is a python script that can control a local WeMo switch as long as you know the local IP of the WeMo. The script is a fork of pdumoulin's blinky:
import re
import urllib2
# Configuration:
# Enter the local IP address of your WeMo in the parentheses of the ip variable below.
# You may have to check your router to see what local IP is assigned to the WeMo.
# It is recommended that you assign a static local IP to the WeMo to ensure the WeMo is always at that address.
# Uncomment one of the triggers at the end of this script.
ip = ''
class wemo:
ON_STATES = ['1', '8']
ip = None
ports = [49153, 49152, 49154, 49151, 49155]
def __init__(self, switch_ip):
self.ip = switch_ip
def toggle(self):
status = self.status()
if status in self.ON_STATES:
result =
result = 'WeMo is now off.'
elif status == self.OFF_STATE:
result = self.on()
result = 'WeMo is now on.'
raise Exception("UnexpectedStatusResponse")
return result
def on(self):
return self._send('Set', 'BinaryState', 1)
def off(self):
return self._send('Set', 'BinaryState', 0)
def status(self):
return self._send('Get', 'BinaryState')
def name(self):
return self._send('Get', 'FriendlyName')
def signal(self):
return self._send('Get', 'SignalStrength')
def _get_header_xml(self, method, obj):
method = method + obj
return '"urn:Belkin:service:basicevent:1#%s"' % method
def _get_body_xml(self, method, obj, value=0):
method = method + obj
return '<u:%s xmlns:u="urn:Belkin:service:basicevent:1"><%s>%s</%s></u:%s>' % (method, obj, value, obj, method)
def _send(self, method, obj, value=None):
body_xml = self._get_body_xml(method, obj, value)
header_xml = self._get_header_xml(method, obj)
for port in self.ports:
result = self._try_send(self.ip, port, body_xml, header_xml, obj)
if result is not None:
self.ports = [port]
return result
raise Exception("TimeoutOnAllPorts")
def _try_send(self, ip, port, body, header, data):
request = urllib2.Request('http://%s:%s/upnp/control/basicevent1' % (ip, port))
request.add_header('Content-type', 'text/xml; charset="utf-8"')
request.add_header('SOAPACTION', header)
request_body = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'
request_body += '<s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle="">'
request_body += '<s:Body>%s</s:Body></s:Envelope>' % body
result = urllib2.urlopen(request, timeout=3)
return self._extract(, data)
except Exception as e:
print str(e)
return None
def _extract(self, response, name):
exp = '<%s>(.*?)<\/%s>' % (name, name)
g =, response)
if g:
return response
def output(message):
print message
switch = wemo(ip)
# Configuration:
# Uncomment only one of the lines below to make the script work.
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Toug19 commented Nov 30, 2020

Is there a way to retrieve the instant power?

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