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psadmin-io / downloadToExcel.cfg
Last active Aug 29, 2015
If you on PeopleTools 8.51.19, 8.52.08, or 8.53 and higher, this option can be added to you app server's config file to change how the Download to Excel feature handles numeric columns. Without this parameter set, the leading zero's in a column will disappear because excel will treat those columns as integers. This parameter changes numeric colu…
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[Domain Settings]
; General settings for this Application Server.
; Use Old Download To Excel Behavior - 0 New Behavior - 1
psadmin-io / UpdateNodeRoutings.sql
Last active Aug 29, 2015
This script will update the node definitions and all the routings associated with those nodes in a database. The prior node name is assumed to start with the Application prefix (HR, FS, ELM), so you need to change that value to match your system. You will be prompted for the new node names.
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v_elmnode varchar2(8);
v_hrnode varchar2(8);
v_fsnode varchar2(8);
v_elmnode := '&ELMNodeName';
v_hrnode := '&HRNodeName';
v_fsnode := '&FSNodeName';
psadmin-io /
Created Jul 20, 2015
Reset PeopleSoft Image VM
/usr/sbin/oraclevm-template --cleanup
/usr/sbin/oraclevm-template --enable
psadmin-io / LM92U009.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Sample Input file for wget-batch.bat
View LM92U009.txt,,,,,
psadmin-io / wget-batch.bat
Last active Jul 19, 2016
A modified version of Oracle's script to download PeopleSoft Images from Oracle Support.
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rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem Usage: wget-batch.bat <inputFile> <email> <password>
rem <inputFile> is a plain text file that has the URL and Output Filename
rem separated by a comma (no spaces)
rem Dan Iverson - 2015-06-12
rem This script takes 3 parameters: inputFile, email, password.
rem Filename is a text file with URL,Filename from the Oracle script.
rem Email and Password are your Oracle Support login credentials.