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nsip.geojson: nsip.json
./ > $@
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
rm -f nsip.json nsip.geojson
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[{"lat": 52.466277586421, "lon": 0.82538194228855, "name": "Larkshall Mill Aggregate Manufacturing and Carbon Capture Facility", "prjref": "WS010006", "stage": "Withdrawn", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 51.455348871558, "lon": 0.31323952875368, "name": "The London Resort", "prjref": "BC080001", "stage": "Withdrawn", "type": "Business & Commercial"},
{"lat": 52.932710227814, "lon": -1.497023835792, "name": "A38 Derby Junctions", "prjref": "TR010022", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.086972406357, "lon": -0.80632401217696, "name": "A46 Newark Bypass", "prjref": "TR010065", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.015451325328, "lon": -0.2919634494813, "name": "Beacon Fen Energy Park", "prjref": "EN010151", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.960355263815, "lon": -0.0054837343776541, "name": "Boston Alternative Energy Facility (BAEF)", "prjref": "EN010095", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.352088407103, "lon": -0.64320784812599, "name": "Cottam Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010133", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.371546364616, "lon": -1.1700158512869, "name": "Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal", "prjref": "TR050001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.374497969407, "lon": -1.149396565445, "name": "Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal Expansion", "prjref": "TR050009", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.840092546266, "lon": -1.2988980674868, "name": "East Midlands Gateway Rail Freight Interchange", "prjref": "TR050002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.863461367638, "lon": -1.5868098499715, "name": "East Midlands Intermodal Park", "prjref": "TR050003", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.588088576498, "lon": -0.51193132937052, "name": "East Northants Resource Management Facility", "prjref": "WS010001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 52.587263826736, "lon": -0.51786453816254, "name": "East Northants Resource Management Facility Western Extension", "prjref": "WS010005", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 53.345921830288, "lon": -0.7340303892283, "name": "Gate Burton Energy Park", "prjref": "EN010131", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.993402331642, "lon": -0.2121351297997, "name": "Heckington Fen Solar Park", "prjref": "EN010123", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.550041378516, "lon": -1.3178663549606, "name": "Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange", "prjref": "TR050007", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.943127673549, "lon": -0.34041374855924, "name": "Lincolnshire Reservoir", "prjref": "WA010003", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Water"},
{"lat": 52.691229759585, "lon": -0.44974061192302, "name": "Mallard Pass Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010127", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.183280523299, "lon": -0.9072913702019, "name": "Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange", "prjref": "TR050006", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.754610 , "lon": -1.6547322, "name": "Oaklands Farm Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010122", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.230290413157, "lon": -0.761278703188, "name": "One Earth Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010159", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.560882997234, "lon": 1.2746859059265, "name": "Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind (Generating Station)", "prjref": "EN010130", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.098843127079, "lon": -0.4228191554673, "name": "Springwell Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010149", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.861754696567, "lon": -0.4418278710292, "name": "Temple Oaks Renewable Energy Park", "prjref": "EN010126", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.393092399452, "lon": -0.62779806678828, "name": "Tillbridge Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010142", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.930664942582, "lon": -0.21822885424786, "name": "Triton Knoll Electrical System", "prjref": "EN020019", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.429699607612, "lon": 0.79780529538761, "name": "Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010005", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.292621651827, "lon": -0.67745461980434, "name": "West Burton Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010132", "stage": "Pre Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.81691227551, "lon": 0.66941292616416, "name": "A12 Chelmsford to A120 Widening Scheme", "prjref": "TR010060", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.278298797179, "lon": -0.024425190045976, "name": "A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme", "prjref": "TR010018", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.223745439538, "lon": -0.19541840882387, "name": "A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Road Improvement scheme", "prjref": "TR010044", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.602098112446, "lon": 1.2240515214472, "name": "A47 - A11 Thickthorn Junction", "prjref": "TR010037", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.636112287786, "lon": 1.4838129521676, "name": "A47 Blofield to North Burlingham", "prjref": "TR010040", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.666571397508, "lon": 1.1000867711192, "name": "A47 North Tuddenham to Easton", "prjref": "TR010038", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.582032466239, "lon": -0.39256812255233, "name": "A47 Wansford to Sutton", "prjref": "TR010039", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.743137466208, "lon": 0.91181026868639, "name": "Bradwell B new nuclear power station", "prjref": "EN010111", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.007770992345, "lon": 0.85538788369101, "name": "Bramford to Twinstead", "prjref": "EN020002", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.228225048628, "lon": 0.19211643509524, "name": "Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation", "prjref": "WW010003", "stage": "Pre Examination", "type": "Waste Water"},
{"lat": 52.188915312798, "lon": 1.6246416432841, "name": "East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm", "prjref": "EN010077", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.682626058175, "lon": 2.2815982688749, "name": "East Anglia ONE Offshore Windfarm", "prjref": "EN010025", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.695527725547, "lon": 2.4732733111523, "name": "East Anglia THREE Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010056", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.188915312798, "lon": 1.6246416432841, "name": "East Anglia TWO Offshore Windfarm", "prjref": "EN010078", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.222562887278, "lon": -0.10395045654611, "name": "East West Rail - Bedford to Cambridge and Western improvements", "prjref": "TR040012", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.479265904874, "lon": 0.081510813387236, "name": "Fens Reservoir", "prjref": "WA010004", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Water"},
{"lat": 51.970315679307, "lon": 2.1938957656031, "name": "Five Estuaries Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010115", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.152102666192, "lon": -0.64984922102434, "name": "Fosse Green Energy", "prjref": "EN010154", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.859033057263, "lon": 1.5975873516866, "name": "Galloper Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010003", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.592537610828, "lon": 1.7279188889883, "name": "Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing", "prjref": "TR010043", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 54.000851769726, "lon": 2.6833522668144, "name": "Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010080", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.060994549116, "lon": 1.1260243245738, "name": "Ipswich Rail Chord", "prjref": "TR040002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.7219881926, "lon": 0.37146904166189, "name": "Kings Lynn B Connection Project", "prjref": "EN020003", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.473975751254, "lon": 1.7352026079711, "name": "Lake Lothing Third Crossing", "prjref": "TR010023", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.197779849665, "lon": 1.5314471314561, "name": "LionLink Multi-Purpose Interconnector", "prjref": "EN020033", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.874948971291, "lon": -0.37141737884035, "name": "London Luton Airport Expansion", "prjref": "TR020001", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.783186242049, "lon": 0.5449876958453, "name": "Longfield Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010118", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.859039327449, "lon": -0.41342815107735, "name": "M1 Junction 10a Grade Separation - Luton", "prjref": "TR010009", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.649469763487, "lon": 0.15206756644735, "name": "Medworth Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility", "prjref": "EN010110", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.055286388247, "lon": -0.52134346784849, "name": "Millbrook Power", "prjref": "EN010068", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.196350024852, "lon": 1.5332694922112, "name": "Nautilus Interconnector", "prjref": "EN020023", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.963597232659, "lon": 2.4475556828508, "name": "Norfolk Boreas", "prjref": "EN010087", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.83888157308, "lon": 2.1511325406264, "name": "Norfolk Vanguard", "prjref": "EN010079", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.718576885169, "lon": 1.9023452890953, "name": "North Falls Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010119", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.657239619231, "lon": 1.3345975129356, "name": "Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR)", "prjref": "TR010015", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.573951691766, "lon": 1.2722995007918, "name": "Norwich to Tilbury", "prjref": "EN020027", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.510677975101, "lon": 0.56006114991864, "name": "Oikos Marine & South Side Development", "prjref": "TR030004", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.733477478231, "lon": 0.38552966545871, "name": "Palm Paper 3 CCGT Power station Kings Lynn", "prjref": "EN010039", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.332169703082, "lon": 1.1300609451255, "name": "Progress Power Station", "prjref": "EN010060", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.853661898339, "lon": 0.64575478521552, "name": "Rivenhall IWMF and Energy Centre", "prjref": "EN010138", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.059018720845, "lon": -0.51494723713858, "name": "Rookery South Energy from Waste Generating Station", "prjref": "EN010011", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.923284357212, "lon": -0.99569306026341, "name": "Rosefield Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010158", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.564615008475, "lon": 1.2700690278435, "name": "Sheringham and Dudgeon Extension Projects", "prjref": "EN010109", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.276655384875, "lon": 0.43857792003126, "name": "Sunnica Energy Farm", "prjref": "EN010106", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.207044854054, "lon": 1.6166447707429, "name": "The Sizewell C Project", "prjref": "EN010012", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.500273338555, "lon": 1.9983001048668, "name": "TIGRE Project 1 (TP1)", "prjref": "EN010099", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.909888759745, "lon": -0.49665194347867, "name": "Woodside Link Houghton Regis Bedfordshire", "prjref": "TR010011", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.471319407145, "lon": -0.45224644087338, "name": "Expansion of Heathrow Airport (Third Runway)", "prjref": "TR020003", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.474426433597, "lon": -0.48077056739882, "name": "Heathrow West", "prjref": "TR020004", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.603334729713, "lon": -0.045661799530857, "name": "North London (Electricity Line) Reinforcement", "prjref": "EN020009", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.61770280744, "lon": -0.038976693921746, "name": "North London Heat and Power Project", "prjref": "EN010071", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.504753945777, "lon": 0.1546306976051, "name": "Riverside Energy Park", "prjref": "EN010093", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.501093009527, "lon": 0.013480604523742, "name": "Silvertown Tunnel", "prjref": "TR010021", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.508979128359, "lon": -0.11074036781367, "name": "Thames Tideway Tunnel", "prjref": "WW010001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Waste Water"},
{"lat": 54.913419576902, "lon": -1.589733633446, "name": "A1 Birtley to Coal House Improvement Scheme", "prjref": "TR010031", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 55.304531346311, "lon": -1.7243721702394, "name": "A1 in Northumberland - Morpeth to Ellingham", "prjref": "TR010059", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 54.941537684309, "lon": -1.4723285279145, "name": "A19 / A184 Testos Junction Improvement", "prjref": "TR010020", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 54.934034082814, "lon": -1.4622810294136, "name": "A19 Downhill Lane Junction Improvement", "prjref": "TR010024", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 55.009142705196, "lon": -1.4961024255982, "name": "A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction Improvement", "prjref": "TR010017", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 54.580004221202, "lon": -1.4890030429455, "name": "Byers Gill Solar", "prjref": "EN010139", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.608255478023, "lon": -1.1688355597898, "name": "H2Teesside", "prjref": "EN070009", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.9269260459, "lon": -1.4707094835602, "name": "International Advanced Manufacturing Park TWO (IAMP TWO)", "prjref": "BC030001", "stage": "Withdrawn", "type": "Business & Commercial"},
{"lat": 54.597995850611, "lon": -1.198701024308, "name": "Lighthouse Green Fuels Project", "prjref": "EN010150", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 55.183067223353, "lon": -1.6953072049118, "name": "Morpeth Northern Bypass", "prjref": "TR010010", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 55.138004619866, "lon": -1.5145614073701, "name": "Port Blyth New Biomass Plant", "prjref": "EN010016", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.575507091395, "lon": -1.1252885336795, "name": "Tees CCPP", "prjref": "EN010082", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.618741429831, "lon": -1.1192657431242, "name": "The Net Zero Teesside Project", "prjref": "EN010103", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.640092329193, "lon": -0.23458949435334, "name": "VPI Immingham OCGT", "prjref": "EN010097", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.364408870965, "lon": -0.79509088566949, "name": "West Burton C power station", "prjref": "EN010088", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.616592258606, "lon": -1.1492958668676, "name": "York Potash Harbour Facilities Order", "prjref": "TR030002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.491084383185, "lon": -2.9965170502622, "name": "A5036 Port of Liverpool Access Scheme", "prjref": "TR010033", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.340864857443, "lon": -2.3997802964675, "name": "A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Scheme", "prjref": "TR010002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.458480292203, "lon": -2.0035245794988, "name": "A57 Link Roads (previously known as Trans Pennine Upgrade Programme)", "prjref": "TR010034", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.84694871857, "lon": -2.9588116283646, "name": "A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool Improvement Scheme", "prjref": "TR010035", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 54.524482910301, "lon": -2.2268972813919, "name": "A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project", "prjref": "TR010062", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.451717962899, "lon": -3.0082611984401, "name": "Alexandra Dock Biomass Project", "prjref": "EN010037", "stage": "Withdrawn", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.479434137016, "lon": -3.1936378028742, "name": "Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm", "prjref": "EN010026", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.590836442714, "lon": -3.4780986067881, "name": "Dean Moor Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010155", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.301171216346, "lon": -2.7367120106214, "name": "Frodsham Solar Project", "prjref": "EN010153", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.071859571457, "lon": -2.799882322271, "name": "Heysham to M6 Link Road", "prjref": "TR010008", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.318286217085, "lon": -2.9470260651251, "name": "Hydrodec Oil Re-Refinery Eastham", "prjref": "WS010004", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 53.298614170206, "lon": -2.5994977390189, "name": "Hynet North West Hydrogen Pipeline", "prjref": "EN060006", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.222988216889, "lon": -2.4386025218666, "name": "Keuper Gas Storage Project", "prjref": "EN030002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.549559508913, "lon": -2.259114609986, "name": "M60/M62/M66 Simister Island", "prjref": "TR010064", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.799752155372, "lon": -3.6077835737469, "name": "Morecambe Offshore Windfarm Generation Assets", "prjref": "EN010121", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.768773448935, "lon": -3.0544270682473, "name": "Morgan and Morecambe Offshore Wind Farms Transmission Assets", "prjref": "EN020032", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.906018503104, "lon": -2.9742913669906, "name": "Preesall Saltfield Underground Gas Storage", "prjref": "EN030001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.031809161901, "lon": -3.4319190786936, "name": "Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010027", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.538368760586, "lon": -2.801939652145, "name": "Whitemoss Landfill Western Extension", "prjref": "WS010003", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 50.842871178314, "lon": -0.53784295143368, "name": "A27 Arundel Bypass", "prjref": "TR010045", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 50.91681089625, "lon": -1.0386638555324, "name": "AQUIND Interconnector", "prjref": "EN020022", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.809771091263, "lon": -1.3516621749172, "name": "Botley West Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010147", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.337996813539, "lon": 0.92598581618291, "name": "Cleve Hill Solar Park", "prjref": "EN010085", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.504596124701, "lon": 0.15878225995075, "name": "Cory Decarbonisation Project", "prjref": "EN010128", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.153155043547, "lon": -0.18101565172157, "name": "Gatwick Airport Northern Runway", "prjref": "TR020005", "stage": "Pre Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 50.794530436082, "lon": -0.46247827152414, "name": "Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project", "prjref": "WA010002", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Water"},
{"lat": 51.362922304627, "lon": 0.75815267333107, "name": "Kemsley Paper Mill (K4) CHP Plant", "prjref": "EN010090", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.417081992757, "lon": 1.0960761052528, "name": "Kentish Flats Extension", "prjref": "EN010036", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.502924156976, "lon": 0.3527426750176, "name": "Lower Thames Crossing", "prjref": "TR010032", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.134465439336, "lon": 0.91701041428057, "name": "M20 Junction 10A", "prjref": "TR010006", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.321530590461, "lon": -0.44855323616278, "name": "M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange improvement", "prjref": "TR010030", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.610953231988, "lon": 0.25843543630655, "name": "M25 junction 28 improvements", "prjref": "TR010029", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.071513296744, "lon": -1.2910385389308, "name": "M3 Junction 9 Improvement", "prjref": "TR010055", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.48675686786, "lon": -0.751342501479, "name": "M4 Junctions 3 to 12 Smart Motorway", "prjref": "TR010019", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.344534111213, "lon": 1.3532831562741, "name": "Manston Airport", "prjref": "TR020002", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 50.36586834902, "lon": -1.6520557269143, "name": "Navitus Bay Wind Park", "prjref": "EN010024", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.931753336273, "lon": -1.2216476089469, "name": "Oxfordshire Strategic Rail Freight Interchange", "prjref": "TR050008", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.453439136647, "lon": 0.70488288198592, "name": "Perrys Farm Hazardous Waste Management Facility", "prjref": "WS010002", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Waste"},
{"lat": 50.799057860141, "lon": -0.56075472150367, "name": "Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010117", "stage": "Pre Examination", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 50.64188572482, "lon": -0.13026043637914, "name": "Rampion Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010032", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.310676151295, "lon": 1.2443642380089, "name": "Richborough Connection Project", "prjref": "EN020017", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.395874084788, "lon": -0.48782793296358, "name": "River Thames Scheme", "prjref": "WA020001", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Water"},
{"lat": 51.801774496354, "lon": 1.7807879841344, "name": "Sea Link", "prjref": "EN020026", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.523485310448, "lon": -0.62775079786426, "name": "Slough Multifuel Extension Project", "prjref": "EN010129", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.168053994968, "lon": -0.93202867664817, "name": "Southampton to London Pipeline Project", "prjref": "EN070005", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.102281485587, "lon": 0.93671152610757, "name": "Stonestreet Green Solar", "prjref": "EN010135", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.4242458772, "lon": 1.5499022704315, "name": "Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010084", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.462925784784, "lon": 0.39344422657936, "name": "Thurrock Flexible Generation Plant", "prjref": "EN010092", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.458172860982, "lon": 0.38680954128908, "name": "Tilbury2", "prjref": "TR030003", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.484830274704, "lon": -0.50656858271533, "name": "Western Rail Link to Heathrow", "prjref": "TR040009", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.365872523238, "lon": 0.76083032408883, "name": "Wheelabrator Kemsley Generating Station (K3) and Wheelabrator Kemsley North (WKN) Waste to Energy Facility", "prjref": "EN010083", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 50.312370961563, "lon": -5.0893755493183, "name": "A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross Scheme", "prjref": "TR010026", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 50.537857923832, "lon": -4.6046076928618, "name": "A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Improvement", "prjref": "TR010014", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.024462734615, "lon": -2.6062114436735, "name": "A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling", "prjref": "TR010036", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.171233294644, "lon": -1.8583777768001, "name": "A303 Stonehenge", "prjref": "TR010025", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 50.973584459998, "lon": -3.006553108634, "name": "A358 Taunton to Southfields", "prjref": "TR010061", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.838296154784, "lon": -2.0875005435365, "name": "A417 Missing Link", "prjref": "TR010056", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.546028906444, "lon": -2.6623563258003, "name": "Avon Power Station 950 MW output", "prjref": "EN010034", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 50.507866125723, "lon": -4.1594713373231, "name": "Bere Alston to Tavistock Railway Reinstatement and Associated Trails", "prjref": "TR040010", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.333555859183, "lon": -2.7727453038524, "name": "Hinkley Point C Connection", "prjref": "EN020001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.207547796017, "lon": -3.1279139292638, "name": "Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station", "prjref": "EN010001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.136735843397, "lon": -3.140732753742, "name": "Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station Material Change 1", "prjref": "EN010102", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.925925708851, "lon": -2.1321898378296, "name": "M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme", "prjref": "TR010063", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.48441200795, "lon": -2.7615229238543, "name": "Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1", "prjref": "TR040011", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 51.53940596441, "lon": -2.6694704872271, "name": "Seabank 3 CCGT", "prjref": "EN010058", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.455872349307, "lon": 0.31158528267897, "name": "Test case", "prjref": "BC010001", "stage": "Pre Examination", "type": "Business & Commercial"},
{"lat": 51.193761475303, "lon": -3.3472239757552, "name": "The West Somerset Tidal Lagoon", "prjref": "EN010074", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.694979417985, "lon": -3.9493988344492, "name": "Abergelli Power", "prjref": "EN010069", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.3328278924, "lon": -3.4521683637638, "name": "Awel y Môr Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010112", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.957461417424, "lon": -4.2005839847831, "name": "Brechfa Forest Connection", "prjref": "EN020016", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.950639064212, "lon": -4.1478102297536, "name": "Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010008", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.077095207517, "lon": -3.3699986998385, "name": "Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010013", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.123414833818, "lon": -4.1482025838042, "name": "Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage", "prjref": "EN010072", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.740962635111, "lon": -3.1893379659677, "name": "Green Gen Vyrnwy Frankton", "prjref": "EN020035", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.743883818206, "lon": -3.5407689020616, "name": "Hirwaun Power Station", "prjref": "EN010059", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.231329338708, "lon": -3.1158089890976, "name": "HyNet Carbon Dioxide Pipeline", "prjref": "EN070007", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.580868042676, "lon": -3.7714176259436, "name": "Internal Power Generation Enhancement for Port Talbot Steelworks", "prjref": "EN010062", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.701910180629, "lon": -3.1186426619964, "name": "Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)", "prjref": "EN020010", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.44126616232, "lon": -3.7067763266661, "name": "Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010020", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.087557035142, "lon": -3.4690281900453, "name": "North Wales Wind Farms Connection", "prjref": "EN020014", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.71471315153, "lon": -5.077915321826, "name": "South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station", "prjref": "EN010054", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.555440264014, "lon": -3.5296574552854, "name": "SP Mid Wales (Electricity) Connections Project (SP Manweb)", "prjref": "EN020008", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.43278294607, "lon": -3.0442935687705, "name": "Tidal Lagoon Cardiff", "prjref": "EN010073", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 51.604778157189, "lon": -3.9092659144981, "name": "Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay", "prjref": "EN010049", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.047071807548, "lon": -2.9060402851082, "name": "Wrexham Energy Centre", "prjref": "EN010055", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.425218725261, "lon": -1.4268080339308, "name": "A46 Coventry Junctions (Walsgrave)", "prjref": "TR010066", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.444753086394, "lon": -1.708334933826, "name": "M42 Junction 6 Improvement", "prjref": "TR010027", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.650907821818, "lon": -2.0764444508168, "name": "M54 to M6 Link Road", "prjref": "TR010054", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.92458173023, "lon": -2.1636399296931, "name": "Meaford Energy Centre", "prjref": "EN010064", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.350350929407, "lon": -1.9684172378665, "name": "Redditch Branch Enhancement Scheme", "prjref": "TR040005", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.846053101403, "lon": -2.8854849868683, "name": "Reinforcement to North Shropshire Electricity Distribution Network", "prjref": "EN020021", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 52.869252531554, "lon": -2.1894321638725, "name": "Stafford Area Improvements - Norton Bridge Railway", "prjref": "TR040004", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.684523835178, "lon": -2.1201769551323, "name": "West Midlands Interchange", "prjref": "TR050005", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 52.855945041801, "lon": -1.5425896251483, "name": "Willington C Gas Pipeline", "prjref": "EN060001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.616228362692, "lon": -0.28130982068221, "name": "A160 - A180 Port of Immingham Improvement", "prjref": "TR010007", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.740270028148, "lon": -0.34200628801889, "name": "A63 Castle Street Improvement-Hull", "prjref": "TR010016", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.652623106889, "lon": -0.22472849655193, "name": "Able Marine Energy Park", "prjref": "TR030001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.650100130539, "lon": -0.21890249959667, "name": "Able Marine Energy Park Material Change 1", "prjref": "TR030005", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.654046791325, "lon": -0.22191426541933, "name": "Able Marine Energy Park Material Change 2", "prjref": "TR030006", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.808836964011, "lon": -0.082083766088987, "name": "Aldbrough Hydrogen Storage", "prjref": "EN030003", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.801392766416, "lon": -0.41499358036049, "name": "Continental Link Multi-Purpose Interconnector", "prjref": "EN020025", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.297061704001, "lon": 2.6497700342829, "name": "Dogger Bank Creyke Beck", "prjref": "EN010021", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 55.057784396254, "lon": 2.9431330328443, "name": "Dogger Bank D Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010144", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.578218845664, "lon": 1.7050604736244, "name": "Dogger Bank South Offshore Wind Farms", "prjref": "EN010125", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 55.208600686546, "lon": 2.336706361069, "name": "Dogger Bank Teesside A / Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (formerly Dogger Bank Teesside B) - Project previously known as Dogger Bank Teesside A&B", "prjref": "EN010051", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.742669336673, "lon": -0.99508176169251, "name": "Drax Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage Project", "prjref": "EN010120", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.738687645753, "lon": -0.98955283842731, "name": "Drax Re-power", "prjref": "EN010091", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.787838374457, "lon": -0.8539924869389, "name": "East Yorkshire Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010143", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.712020009546, "lon": -1.1236777431901, "name": "Eggborough CCGT", "prjref": "EN010081", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.647259423085, "lon": -1.0887406356008, "name": "Fenwick Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010152", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.716741350538, "lon": -1.2805536087871, "name": "Ferrybridge D Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Station Project", "prjref": "EN010094", "stage": "Withdrawn", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.722145751867, "lon": -1.2838564709697, "name": "Ferrybridge Multifuel 2 (FM2) Power Station", "prjref": "EN010061", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.727540600974, "lon": -1.0343051708635, "name": "Helios Renewable Energy Project", "prjref": "EN010140", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.991379780282, "lon": 1.4246390740301, "name": "Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Zone 4) - Project One", "prjref": "EN010033", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.998146706817, "lon": 1.4188296486085, "name": "Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Zone 4) - Project Two", "prjref": "EN010053", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 54.038545536095, "lon": 1.2715853197951, "name": "Hornsea Project Four Offshore Wind Farm", "prjref": "EN010098", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.681540423056, "lon": -0.41804846258559, "name": "Humber Low Carbon Pipelines", "prjref": "EN070006", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.619839277676, "lon": -0.18522461776545, "name": "Immingham Eastern Ro-Ro Terminal", "prjref": "TR030007", "stage": "Examination", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.621047283255, "lon": -0.16657460507609, "name": "Immingham Green Energy Terminal", "prjref": "TR030008", "stage": "Acceptance", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.596019869753, "lon": -0.75555025205706, "name": "Keadby 3 Carbon Capture Power Station", "prjref": "EN010114", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.707276943235, "lon": -1.2301548620124, "name": "Knottingley Power Project", "prjref": "EN010050", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.577618478956, "lon": -0.57741909595528, "name": "Little Crow Solar Park", "prjref": "EN010101", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.587667997341, "lon": -1.1200579140983, "name": "North Doncaster Rail Chord (near Shaftholme)", "prjref": "TR040001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Transport"},
{"lat": 53.559272548333, "lon": -0.79169754310489, "name": "North Humber to High Marnham", "prjref": "EN020034", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.663065772589, "lon": -0.25008347355094, "name": "North Killingholme Power Project", "prjref": "EN010038", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.619823079326, "lon": -0.70120161621619, "name": "North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park", "prjref": "EN010116", "stage": "Decision", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.852932851605, "lon": -0.34228965784708, "name": "Peartree Hill Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010157", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.702332935513, "lon": -0.24189389987691, "name": "River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement Project", "prjref": "EN060004", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.60266436236, "lon": -0.13963675806158, "name": "South Humber Bank Energy Centre", "prjref": "EN010107", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.657355552643, "lon": -1.0529270030879, "name": "Thorpe Marsh Gas Pipeline", "prjref": "EN070003", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.608447983665, "lon": -0.92325751344905, "name": "Tween Bridge Solar Farm", "prjref": "EN010148", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.476957877619, "lon": -0.068256887438021, "name": "Viking CCS Pipeline", "prjref": "EN070008", "stage": "Pre Application", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.7465884405, "lon": -0.9926390932325, "name": "White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project", "prjref": "EN010048", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.877400250393, "lon": -0.54097208308862, "name": "Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline", "prjref": "EN070001", "stage": "Decided", "type": "Energy"},
{"lat": 53.900774347168, "lon": -1.2740620478897, "name": "Yorkshire GREEN", "prjref": "EN020024", "stage": "Recommendation", "type": "Energy"}]
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json
import geojson
features = []
j = json.load(open("nsip.json"))
for o in j:
point = geojson.Point((o["lon"], o["lat"]))
props = {"name": o["name"], "reference": o["prjref"], "project-stage": o["stage"], "project-type": o["type"]}
features.append(geojson.Feature(geometry=point, properties=props))
with open("nsip.geojson", 'w') as f:
geojson.dump(geojson.FeatureCollection(features), f)
curl -s '' |
grep 'window.markers = ' |
sed -e 's/^.*new Array(/[/' \
-e 's/), function.*$/]/' \
-e 's/'\''/"/g' \
-e 's/}, {/},\n{/g'
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