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Forked from chriseppstein/_icons.scss
Created July 25, 2012 14:52
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This is an example of the generated stylesheet by compass for a set of sprites
@import "compass/utilities/sprites/base";
// General Sprite Defaults
// You can override them before you import this file.
$icon-sprite-base-class: ".icon-sprite" !default;
$icon-sprite-dimensions: false !default;
$icon-position: 0% !default;
$icon-spacing: 0 !default;
$icon-repeat: no-repeat !default;
// These variables control the generated sprite output
// You can override them selectively before you import this file.
$icon-delete-position: $icon-position !default;
$icon-delete-spacing: $icon-spacing !default;
$icon-delete-repeat: $icon-repeat !default;
$icon-edit-position: $icon-position !default;
$icon-edit-spacing: $icon-spacing !default;
$icon-edit-repeat: $icon-repeat !default;
$icon-new-position: $icon-position !default;
$icon-new-spacing: $icon-spacing !default;
$icon-new-repeat: $icon-repeat !default;
$icon-save-position: $icon-position !default;
$icon-save-spacing: $icon-spacing !default;
$icon-save-repeat: $icon-repeat !default;
$icon-sprites: sprite-map("icon/*.png",
$delete-position: $icon-delete-position,
$delete-spacing: $icon-delete-spacing,
$delete-repeat: $icon-delete-repeat,
$edit-position: $icon-edit-position,
$edit-spacing: $icon-edit-spacing,
$edit-repeat: $icon-edit-repeat,
$new-position: $icon-new-position,
$new-spacing: $icon-new-spacing,
$new-repeat: $icon-new-repeat,
$save-position: $icon-save-position,
$save-spacing: $icon-save-spacing,
$save-repeat: $icon-save-repeat);
// All sprites should extend this class
// The icon-sprite mixin will do so for you.
#{$icon-sprite-base-class} {
background: $icon-sprites no-repeat;
// Use this to set the dimensions of an element
// based on the size of the original image.
@mixin icon-sprite-dimensions($name) {
@include sprite-dimensions($icon-sprites, $name)
// Move the background position to display the sprite.
@mixin icon-sprite-position($name, $offset-x: 0, $offset-y: 0) {
@include sprite-position($icon-sprites, $name, $offset-x, $offset-y)
// Extends the sprite base class and set the background position for the desired sprite.
// It will also apply the image dimensions if $dimensions is true.
@mixin icon-sprite($name, $dimensions: $icon-sprite-dimensions, $offset-x: 0, $offset-y: 0) {
@extend #{$icon-sprite-base-class};
@include sprite($icon-sprites, $name, $dimensions, $offset-x, $offset-y)
@mixin icon-sprites($sprite-names, $dimensions: $icon-sprite-dimensions) {
@include sprites($icon-sprites, $sprite-names, $icon-sprite-base-class, $dimensions)
// Generates a class for each sprited image.
@mixin all-icon-sprites($dimensions: $icon-sprite-dimensions) {
@include icon-sprites(delete edit new save, $dimensions);
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