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A PowerShell script to create a new AppRole on an Application object in Azure AD.
Adds a new AppRole to an Application.
.PARAMETER Application
The Application object's object ID.
.PARAMETER AllowedMemberTypes
The allowed member types, Application, User or both.
.PARAMETER DisplayName
The app role's friendly display name.
.PARAMETER Description
The app role's description.
The app role's value, as it will be presented in the 'roles' claim.
Whether the app role should be created in a disabled state.
PS C:\> Get-AzureADApplication -Filter "appId eq '859bb5ee-20c4-4c2c-b4d8-de870a3cf5d6'" | `
.\New-AzureADPSApplicationAppRole.ps1 `
-AllowedMemberTypes "User" `
-DisplayName "My App Admin" `
-Description "Admin role for My App" `
-Value "admin"
Creates a new user app role.
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true, ValueFromPipeline = $true)]
[Microsoft.Open.AzureAD.Model.Application] $Application,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[string[]] $AllowedMemberTypes,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[string] $DisplayName,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[string] $Description,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[string] $Value,
[string] $Id = "",
[switch] $Disabled
# Validate AllowedMemberTypes
$allowedAllowedMemberTypes = @("application", "user")
$AllowedMemberTypes | ForEach-Object {
if (-not $allowedAllowedMemberTypes.Contains($_.ToLower())) {
throw "AllowedMemberTypes must be 'Application', 'User', or both."
# Check for existing app role with same value
if ($Application.AppRoles.Where({ $_.Value -eq $Value })) {
throw ("The AppRole value '{0}' already exists for this application." -f $Value)
# Check for existing OAuth2Permission with same value
$existingScope = $Application.OAuth2Permissions | Where-Object { $_.Value -eq $Value }
if ($existingScope) {
if ($Id -eq $existingScope.Id) {
Write-Verbose ("An existing OAuth2Permission was found for value '{0}' and Id '{1}'." -f $Value, $Id)
} elseif ($Id -eq "") {
$Id = $existingScope.Id
Write-Verbose ("An existing OAuth2Permission was found for value '{0}', using '{1}' as Id." -f $Value, $Id)
} else {
throw ("An OAuth2Permission already exists with value '{0}', but different Id '{1}'." -f $Value, $existingScope.Id)
if ($Id -eq "") {
$Id = [Guid]::NewGuid().ToString()
# Create new AppRole object
$newAppRole = [Microsoft.Open.AzureAD.Model.AppRole]::new()
$newAppRole.DisplayName = $DisplayName
$newAppRole.Description = $Description
$newAppRole.Value = $Value
$newAppRole.Id = $Id
$newAppRole.IsEnabled = (-not $Disabled)
$newAppRole.AllowedMemberTypes = @($AllowedMemberTypes)
# Add new AppRole and apply changes to Application object
$appRoles = $Application.AppRoles
$appRoles += $newAppRole
$Application | Set-AzureADApplication -AppRoles $appRoles
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