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Add or remove application permissions to a client application.
Grants (or removes) application permissions (app role assignments) to a client application.
The AppId or one of the ServicePrincipalNames of the client service principal.
.PARAMETER Permissions
A hashtable where the key is an identifier for the resource (either the AppId or one of the
ServicePrincipalNames) and the value is the space-separated list of app roles desired.
Instead of adding permissions, this removes *all* application permissions granted to the client.
PS C:\> .\Manage-AzureADPSAppRoleAssignments.ps1 -ClientId "2e5e4fad-5332-43fc-9293-6a349df34883" -Permissions @{"" = "Directory.Read.All Sites.ReadWrite.All"}
Grants application permissions Microsoft Graph API.
PS C:\> .\Manage-AzureADPSAppRoleAssignments.ps1 -ClientId $client_id -RemoveAll
Removes all application permissions previously granted to a client
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
[string] $ClientId,
[Hashtable] $Permissions,
[switch] $RemoveAll
# Parameter validation
if ((-not ($Permissions -or $RemoveAll)) -or ($Permissions -and $RemoveAll)) {
throw "Either -Permissions or -RemoveAllPermissions must be passed, but not both."
# Get tenant details to test that Connect-AzureAD has been called
try {
$tenant_details = Get-AzureADTenantDetail
} catch {
throw "You must call Connect-AzureAD before running this script."
Write-Verbose ("TenantId: {0}, InitialDomain: {1}" -f `
$tenant_details.ObjectId, `
($tenant_details.VerifiedDomains | Where-Object { $_.Initial }).Name)
# Get the client ServicePrincipal object
$client_filter = "servicePrincipalNames/any(c:c eq '{0}')" -f $ClientId
$client = Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -Filter $client_filter
if ($client.Count -lt 1) {
throw ("ServicePrincipal not found for client '{0}'" -f $ClientId)
} elseif ($client.Count -gt 1) {
throw ("Multiple ServicePrincipal ojects found for client '{0}'" -f $ClientId)
# Get all existing app role assignments for the client
$existingAppRoleAssignments = Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignedTo -ObjectId $client.ObjectId
if (-not $RemoveAll) {
# Ensure an app role assignment exists for each desired permission
$permissions.Keys | ForEach-Object {
$resource_id = $_
$scopes = $permissions[$_]
# Get the resource ServicePrincipal object and exisitng app role assignments to it
$resourceFilter = "servicePrincipalNames/any(c:c eq '{0}')" -f $resource_id
$resource = Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -Filter $resourceFilter
$existingPermissions = $existingAppRoleAssignments `
| Where-Object { $_.ResourceId -eq $resource.ObjectId } `
| Select-Object -ExpandProperty Id
if ($resource.Count -eq 1) {
$scopes.Split(" ") | ForEach-Object {
$scope = $_
# Find the matching AppRole on the resource ServicePrincipal object
$appRole = $resource.AppRoles `
| Where-Object { $_.AllowedMemberTypes -contains "Application" } `
| Where-Object { $_.Value -eq $scope }
if ($appRole) {
if ($existingPermissions -and $existingPermissions -contains $appRole.Id) {
# Don't try to add an app role assignment that already exists.
Write-Output ("Permission '{0}' for '{1}' already exists. Skipping." -f `
$appRole.Value, $resource.DisplayName)
} else {
Write-Output ("Granting permission '{0}' for '{1}'..." -f `
$appRole.Value, $resource.DisplayName)
$appRoleAssignment = New-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment `
-ObjectId $client.ObjectId `
-PrincipalId $client.ObjectId `
-ResourceId $resource.ObjectId `
-Id $appRole.Id
} else {
Write-Warning ("AppRole with value '{0}' not found for resource '{1}'" -f `
$scope, $resource.DisplayName)
} elseif ($resource.Count -gt 1) {
# AppId and ServicePrincipalNames should be unique, so this would be unexpected.
Write-Error ("More than one ServicePrincipal found for resource '{0}'" -f $resource_id)
} else {
# AppId and ServicePrincipalNames should be unique, so this would be unexpected.
Write-Error ("ServicePrincipal object not found for resource '{0}'" -f $resource_id)
} else {
# Remove *all* of the client's app role assignments
$existingAppRoleAssignments | ForEach-Object {
Write-Output ("Removing permission '{0}' for '{1}'..." -f $_.Id, $resource.DisplayName)
Remove-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $client.ObjectId `
-AppRoleAssignmentId $_.ObjectId
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