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Flash Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7510 wifi with Heimdall on OSX
Didn't find any instructions on how to get ClockworkMod onto my Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7510 (wifi only) which already had ICS. Seemed like the old option to boot an from the root dir was removed when I updated from Honeycomb. So I used Heimdall to flash it with the latest ClockworkMod.
1. Download latest heimdall from:
I used 1.4.0 for Mac OSX. The install script will add it to PATH so you can use it from anywhere in the terminal.
2. Download latest ClockworkMod from:
Scroll down to "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Wifi)" and get the recovery image. Nevermind the touch recovery.
I used
3. Boot the tablet into Download mode.
Hold down power and volume up at the same time until the tablet starts and shows two options. Choose the download option and confirm with volume button. Plug the tab in to the computer. The output on the tablet screen should say something like "Odin3 yadda yadda"
4. Before flashing the clockwork image you need to know what partition name the recovery image has.
Run "heimdall print-pit --verbose" from the terminal and find the partion name for the recovery.img. (Mine was "SOS")
Heimdall should give you a wall of output and you're looking for this:
--- Entry #7 ---
Binary Type: 0 (AP)
Device Type: 2 (MMC)
Identifier: 8
Attributes: 1 (Read/Write)
Update Attributes: 0
Partition Block Size/Offset: 512
Partition Block Count: 10
File Offset (Obsolete): 0
File Size (Obsolete): 0
Partition Name: SOS
Flash Filename: recovery.img
FOTA Filename:
5. To do the actual flashing run: heimdall flash --SOS recovery-clockwork-
The --SOS flag might be something else on other tablets. See step 4.
When its done just reboot the tablet into recovery mode. To root and run Cyanogen images and stuff there are plenty of guides around.
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JoKeyser commented Jul 25, 2016

Thanks mate, that helped me a lot, all the usual sources were wrong and/or outdated!

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schef commented Oct 7, 2016

Thanks man

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TheHercules commented Mar 31, 2017

Thanks a lot man! Was literally stuck on getting the right partition to flash on

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C0rn3j commented Dec 30, 2018

To get a working TWRP image I used this thread which has a very old TWRP at this point -

and from that old TWRP I installed a new TWRP from the new threads (which comes only as .zip) - hope this helps someone!

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