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Google Dynamic Chart control, feeding off Google Spreadsheet/visualisation API query
<title>Google visualisation demo: chart query controls</title>
<!--Load the AJAX API-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
// Load the Visualization API and the controls package.
// Packages for all the other charts you need will be loaded
// automatically by the system.
google.load('visualization', '1.1', {'packages':['controls','linechart']});
// Set a callback to run when the Google Visualization API is loaded.
function initialize() {
// Replace the data source URL on next line with your data source URL.
var query = new google.visualization.Query('');
// Send the query with a callback function.
function drawDashboard(response) {
var data = response.getDataTable();
// Everything is loaded. Assemble your dashboard...
var namePicker = new google.visualization.ControlWrapper({
'controlType': 'CategoryFilter',
'containerId': 'filter_div',
'options': {
'filterColumnLabel': 'driver',
'ui': {
'labelStacking': 'vertical',
'allowTyping': false,
'allowMultiple': false
var laptimeChart = new google.visualization.ChartWrapper({
'chartType': 'LineChart',
'containerId': 'chart_div',
'options': {
'width': 800,
'height': 800
var dashboard = new google.visualization.Dashboard(document.getElementById('dashboard_div')).
bind(namePicker, laptimeChart).
<!--Div that will hold the dashboard-->
<div id="dashboard_div">
<!--Divs that will hold each control and chart-->
<div id="filter_div"></div>
<div id="chart_div"></div>

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patchypt commented Jun 14, 2017

your code really help me,thanks!

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