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First sketch of a contentmine dockerfile

Contentmine Docker CLI App

An attempt to make it easier to use Contentmine tools, by simplifying the install...

Based on some cribs from Distributing Command Line Tools with Docker

  • create a contentmine directory: eg mkdir -p contentmine
  • download the Dockerfile into it
  • from a Docker CLI, cd in to the directory; create an image using eg docker build -t psychemedia/contentmine .
  • download the contentmine script and make it executable: chmod u+x contentmine
  • create a folder on host in the contentmine folder to act as a shared folder with the contentmine container: eg mkdir -p cm
  • run commands
    • ./contentmine getpapers -q aardvark -o /contentmine/aardvark -x
    • ./contentmine norma --project /contentmine/aardvark -i fulltext.xml -o scholarly.html --transform nlm2html
    • ./contentmine cmine /contentmine/aardvark

Contentmine Home: Contentmine

## contentmine - a wrapper script for runnining contentmine packages
#/via Distributing Command Line Tools with Docker
#Make this file executable: chmod u+x contentmine
docker run --rm --volume "${PWD}/cm":/contentmine --tty --interactive psychemedia/contentmine "$@"
FROM node:4.3.2
##Based on
RUN apt-get clean -y && apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade && \
apt-get -y update && apt-get install -y wget ant unzip openjdk-7-jdk && \
apt-get clean -y
RUN wget --no-check-certificate
RUN wget --no-check-certificate
RUN dpkg -i norma_0.1.SNAPSHOT_all.deb
RUN dpkg -i ami2_0.1.SNAPSHOT_all.deb
RUN npm install --global getpapers
RUN mkdir /contentmine
VOLUME /contentmine
RUN cd /contentmine
#The intuition behind this is: 'can we avoid setup hassles by distributing contentmine commandline app via a container?'
#docker build -t psychemedia/contentmine .
#Then maybe something like:
#mkdir -p cm
#docker run --volume "${PWD}/cm":/contentmine --interactive psychemedia/contentmine getpapers -q aardvark -o /contentmine/aardvark -x
#docker run --volume "${PWD}/cm":/contentmine --interactive psychemedia/contentmine norma --project /contentmine/aardvark -i fulltext.xml -o scholarly.html --transform nlm2html
#docker run --volume "${PWD}/cm":/contentmine --interactive psychemedia/contentmine cmine /contentmine/aardvark
##Following how about:
#Create the following script as contentmine; chmod u+x contentmine
## contentmine - a wrapper script for runnining contentmine packages
#docker run --volume "${PWD}/cm":/contentmine --tty --interactive psychemedia/contentmine "$@"
#Then run eg: ./contentmine getpapers -q aardvark -o /contentmine/aardvark2 -x
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petermr commented May 7, 2016

Thanks Tony, this will be very useful. Some people are having minor difficulties in installing the native CLI versions and this will help to get them off the ground.

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