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Created December 21, 2011 05:08
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My mac bash profile
# /etc/bash/bashrc
# This file is sourced by all *interactive* bash shells on startup,
# including some apparently interactive shells such as scp and rcp
# that can't tolerate any output. So make sure this doesn't display
# anything or bad things will happen !
# Test for an interactive shell. There is no need to set anything
# past this point for scp and rcp, and it's important to refrain from
# outputting anything in those cases.
if [[ $- != *i* ]] ; then
# Shell is non-interactive. Be done now!
# Bash won't get SIGWINCH if another process is in the foreground.
# Enable checkwinsize so that bash will check the terminal size when
# it regains control. #65623
# (E11)
shopt -s checkwinsize
# Set colorful PS1 only on colorful terminals.
# dircolors --print-database uses its own built-in database
# instead of using /etc/DIR_COLORS. Try to use the external file
# first to take advantage of user additions.
safe_term=${TERM//[^[:alnum:]]/.} # sanitize TERM
if [[ -f /etc/DIR_COLORS ]] ; then
grep -q "^TERM ${safe_term}" /etc/DIR_COLORS && use_color=true
elif type -p dircolors >/dev/null ; then
if dircolors --print-database | grep -q "^TERM ${safe_term}" ; then
#if ${use_color} ; then
if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
PS1='\[\033[0;31m\]\u@\h\[\033[0;34m\] \W \$\[\033[00m\] '
PS1='\[\033[0;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[01;36m\] [\w] \033[0;36m\]\$\[\033[00m\] '
# if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
# # show root@ when we don't have colors
# PS1='\u@\h \W \$ '
# else
# PS1='\u@\h \w \$ '
# fi
# Try to keep environment pollution down, EPA loves us.
unset use_color safe_term
alias ls='ls -G'
alias ll='ls -l -G'
alias la='ls -la -G'
alias lh='ls -lh -G'
alias cp="cp -v"
alias rm="rm -v"
alias mv="mv -v"
#alias 'rm -rf'="rm -rfv"
alias logout="clear && logout"
export GREP_COLOR=31
alias grep='grep --color=auto'
alias less="less -r"
alias more="less -r"
alias vi=vim
#alias ssh4vnc='ssh -L 5901:localhost:5900'
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