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SAP Gateway Demo Server - ES5

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Demo system to act as a backend system.

Sign up here

Then ensure your account is active and the username and password are correct, by checking you can access HTTP-based services such as the EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV OData service.

If you need more help, you can follow the “Create an Account on the Gateway Demo System” tutorial.

[SAP Business Technology Platform on Alibaba Cloud series] Use destination in SAP Business Technology Platform on Alibaba Cloud

Get your Composer Pro account for life...and for free

That's the start of the appgyver journey. You will need to sign up with [Appgyver]( so you can get access to the Composer Pro which is a mobile and web app build tool.

The Appgyver guys proudly explain how they can afford giving away access to Composer Pro for free for indie developers and small businesses.

Long story short you will get access to the official Appgyver build tool for life and for free.

Composer Pro is a browser based tool and you will need a laptop to run it. The appgyver account will also get you access to preview, debugger and scheduled runtime build tools.

You will almost certainly be using one of the native iOS or Android Appgyver preview apps.

Any change you commit in Composer Pro in your laptop will be immediately reflected in the preview app on your mobile device!

Build your app

As said: Composer Pro is a browser-based build tool. And you will need a laptop to run it.

First you logon and you get access to appgyver platform environment where you can create a project.


Good to know:

  • When using Launch/Preview in a browser on a laptop some components may not render or are not supported in Web apps (for instance the WebView component)

Bring your own data

Appgyver offers a so-called "zero lock-in" approach to data. In other words your data never hits appgyver servers.

All you need to do is to expose your backend functionality with HTTPS REST APIs.

Or you can rely on existing REST API frameworks for instance:

There is also an option to use the Google Firebase connector to mitigate the pain of building cloud native application blocks.

Distribute your app

You can use AppGyver Build Service to package and distribute your app.

The supported options are currently as a stand-alone iOS and Android binary and as a static deployed web app.

Building stand-alone macOS and Android TV apps is currently in beta. If you want to join the beta, email us at macOS and Android TV apps can already be previewed via their respective AppGyver Preview apps.

AppGyver website: AppGyver

Introducing SAP Application Extension Methodology

Integrating with BTP – Managing back end calls

Let's create a new communication arrangement based on the Bank Integration communication scenario for the following API, namely BANK_0002

The API supports the OAuth2 authentication. Thus let's make the communication arrangement use OAuth2 as the Authentication method, as depicted below:

Also the following business role is required and must be added to the profile of business users that should be authorised to access this API as depicted below:



Let's implement S/4HANA Cloud myBank API with the OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion flow by leveraging the API Management development portal.


Press the API Copy button, and fill in your S/4HANA Cloud host name and port number
Unfortunately, it seems that APIM does not allow to directly copy ODATA v4 artefacts.

Thus instead one needs to create a new ODATA API using the APIM portal and add the json or yaml definition of the BANK-0002 API manually.

This is described here and there.

and voila, the end result:


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The comment - Appgyver pro account, free for life.... Is this still the case? With unlimited app builds?

And importantly, will the product be kept up to date???

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