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Last active Oct 23, 2016
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Hydra for smerge
(defhydra hydra-smerge
(:color red :hint nil
:pre (smerge-mode 1))
^Move^ ^Keep^ ^Diff^ ^Pair^
_n_ext _b_ase _R_efine _<_: base-mine
_p_rev _m_ine _E_diff _=_: mine-other
^ ^ _o_ther _C_ombine _>_: base-other
^ ^ _a_ll _r_esolve
_q_uit _RET_: current
("RET" smerge-keep-current)
("C" smerge-combine-with-next)
("E" smerge-ediff)
("R" smerge-refine)
("a" smerge-keep-all)
("b" smerge-keep-base)
("m" smerge-keep-mine)
("n" smerge-next)
("o" smerge-keep-other)
("p" smerge-prev)
("r" smerge-resolve)
("<" smerge-diff-base-mine)
("=" smerge-diff-mine-other)
(">" smerge-diff-base-other)
("q" nil :color blue))
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