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Last active Aug 11, 2018
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Docker & Prometheus node-exporter

docker run --rm -h

docker run -d --net=host --pid=host --name "node-exporter" --cap-add=SYS_TIME -v "/proc:/host/proc:ro" -v "/sys:/host/sys:ro" -v "/:/rootfs:ro" --path.procfs /host/proc --path.sysfs  /host/proc --collector.filesystem.ignored-mount-points "^/(sys|proc|dev|host|etc)($|/)"

# with ntp collector
docker run -d --net=host --pid=host --name "node-exporter" --cap-add=SYS_TIME -v "/proc:/host/proc:ro" -v "/sys:/host/sys:ro" -v "/:/rootfs:ro" --collector.ntp --collector.ntp.server="" --collector.ntp.server-is-local --path.procfs /host/proc --path.sysfs  /host/proc --collector.filesystem.ignored-mount-points "^/(sys|proc|dev|host|etc)($|/)"

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