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Michael Lynn pudquick

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require 'base64'
require 'plist'
module Chef::Provider::User::DsclMojaveUserExtensions
# new for 10.14+
def mac_osx_version_greater_than_10_13?['platform_version']) >'10.13.99')
# updated for 10.14+
pudquick /
Created Sep 5, 2018 — forked from pdarragh/
Short PyObjC script to get a Mac's serial number without calling `system_profiler`.
# (Note that we must use system Python on a Mac.)
# Quick script to get the computer's serial number.
# Written for @john.e.lamb on the MacAdmins Slack team.
import objc
import CoreFoundation
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"/Contents": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/OSInstallerSetup": ["s", "Versions/Current/OSInstallerSetup"],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/Resources": ["s", "Versions/Current/Resources"],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/Versions": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/Versions/A": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks": ["d", ""],
"/Contents/Frameworks/OSInstallerSetup.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/IABridgeOSInstall.framework": ["d", ""],
View 01_snip.txt
EFI found at IODeviceTree:/efi
Current EFI boot device string is: '<array><dict><key>IOMatch</key><dict><key>IOProviderClass
Boot option is 8BE4DF61-93CA-11D2-AA0D-00E098032B8C:Boot0080
Processing boot option 'Mac OS X'
Boot option matches XML representation
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
from Crypto.Util import Counter
import struct
typedef struct boot_dat_hdr
unsigned char ident[0x10];
unsigned char sha2_s2[0x20];
unsigned int s2_dst;
pudquick /
Last active Jun 11, 2018
Verifying a CMS detached signature in pyobjc on macOS
import objc
from ctypes import create_string_buffer, c_void_p, cast
from Foundation import NSBundle
Security = NSBundle.bundleWithIdentifier_('')
# CMSDecoder.h
kCMSSignerUnsigned = 0
kCMSSignerValid = 1
kCMSSignerNeedsDetachedContent = 2
pudquick /
Last active Apr 8, 2018
Programmatically load detailed version information about Xcode version via pyobjc on macOS
# Warning - because of how this works, it loads classes into memory namespace.
# Attempting to load a second Xcode to inspect within the same python run will result in errors
# If you need to inspect multiple, for now, just spin the inspection up under a second process
from Foundation import NSBundle
def xcode_info(app_path):
# app_path = '/Applications/'
DVTFoundation = NSBundle.bundleWithPath_('%s/Contents/SharedFrameworks/DVTFoundation.framework' % app_path)
IDEKit = NSBundle.bundleWithPath_('%s/Contents/Frameworks/IDEKit.framework' % app_path)
pudquick /
Last active Mar 30, 2018
Some code for working with /var/folders temp folders on macOS via ctypes
import glob, os.path, pwd, os
from ctypes import CDLL, byref, create_string_buffer, c_uint32
from ctypes.util import find_library
libsys = CDLL(find_library('C'))
def user_temp_dir(uid):
path_buffer = create_string_buffer(1024)
result = libsys.__user_local_dirname(c_uint32(uid), 0, byref(path_buffer), 1024)
return path_buffer.value.rsplit('/0/',1)[0]
pudquick / Example.scpt
Created Mar 3, 2018
Make DMGs from folders
View Example.scpt
property destination_for_dmgs : "/Users/mike/Desktop"
on open the_items
repeat with an_item in the_items
set the_info to info for an_item
if kind of the_info is "Folder" then
set dmg_path to quoted form of (destination_for_dmgs & "/" & (name of the_info) & ".dmg")
set src_path to quoted form of POSIX path of an_item
set vol_name to quoted form of (name of the_info)
set command_str to "hdiutil create " & dmg_path & " -volname " & vol_name & " -srcfolder " & src_path
pudquick /
Last active Apr 13, 2019
Example of using nibbler to make an annoying window that re-focuses itself to the front every second
from nibbler import *
from Foundation import NSTimer, NSObject
from AppKit import NSApplication
n = Nibbler('/Users/frogor/Desktop/sweet.nib')
def test2():
print "hi (politely quit)"
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