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Pygmentize code for Nikola
;; Use pygments highlighting for code
(defun pygmentize (lang code)
"Use Pygments to highlight the given code and return the output"
(insert code)
(let ((lang (or (cdr (assoc lang org-pygments-language-alist)) "text")))
;; A crazy hack!! Why src-block have no info?!@!@#
(let* ((file-name (format "%s.png" (sha1 code)))
(output-path (format "%s" file-name))
(url (format "%s" file-name)))
(point-min) (point-max)
(format "pygmentize -f png -O font_name=UbuntuMono,line_numbers=False -o %s -l %s" output-path lang))
(format "<img src=\"%s\" >" url)))))
(defconst org-pygments-language-alist
("asymptote" . "asymptote")
("awk" . "awk")
("C" . "c")
("cpp" . "cpp")
("clojure" . "clojure")
("css" . "css")
("D" . "d")
("ditaa" . "image")
("emacs-lisp" . "scheme")
("F90" . "fortran")
("gnuplot" . "gnuplot")
("groovy" . "groovy")
("haskell" . "haskell")
("java" . "java")
("js" . "js")
("julia" . "julia")
("latex" . "latex")
("lisp" . "lisp")
("makefile" . "makefile")
("matlab" . "matlab")
("mscgen" . "mscgen")
("ocaml" . "ocaml")
("octave" . "octave")
("perl" . "perl")
("picolisp" . "scheme")
("python" . "python")
("R" . "r")
("ruby" . "ruby")
("sass" . "sass")
("scala" . "scala")
("scheme" . "scheme")
("sh" . "sh")
("sql" . "sql")
("sqlite" . "sqlite3")
("tcl" . "tcl")
"Alist between org-babel languages and Pygments lexers.
See: and for adding new languages to the
mapping. ")
;; Override the html export function to use pygments
(defun org-html-src-block (src-block contents info)
"Transcode a SRC-BLOCK element from Org to HTML.
CONTENTS holds the contents of the item. INFO is a plist holding
contextual information."
(if (org-export-read-attribute :attr_html src-block :textarea)
(org-html--textarea-block src-block)
(let ((lang (org-element-property :language src-block))
(code (car (org-export-unravel-code element))))
(pygmentize lang code))))
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