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Whatsapp Broadcast Export to Zulip
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from datetime import datetime
from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
import re
import sys
import zulip
DATE_FORMAT = "%m/%d/%y, %H:%M"
def is_message(text):
return bool(re.match("^\w+:", text))
def extract_messages(text):
date_messages = re.split(
"(\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{2}, \d{2}:\d{2}) - ", text.strip(), flags=re.MULTILINE
messages = []
for date, message in zip(date_messages[::2], date_messages[1::2]):
date = datetime.strptime(date, DATE_FORMAT)
message = message.strip()
if not is_message(message):
sender, text = message.split(":", 1)
lines = text.strip().splitlines()
files = [line for line in lines if line.endswith("(file attached)")]
text = "\n".join([line for line in lines if line not in files])
files = [line.split(" ", 1)[0] for line in files]
parsed_message = {
"date": date,
"text": text,
"sender": sender,
"files": files,
return messages
def assert_broadcast(messages):
senders = {message["sender"] for message in messages}
assert len(senders) == 1, "Multiple senders - not a WhatsApp Broadcast!"
def upload_image(client, path):
with open(path, "rb") as fp:
result = client.call_endpoint(
"user_uploads", method="POST", files=[fp]
return result["uri"]
def send_zulip_message(client, zulip_info, message):
request = {
"type": "stream",
"to": zulip_info["stream"],
"subject": zulip_info["topic"],
"content": message["text"].strip(),
result = client.send_message(request)
def filter_messages(messages, start_date):
if not start_date:
messages_ = messages
messages_ = list(filter(lambda x: x["date"] > start_date, messages))
return messages_
def confirm_send(messages, start_date):
if len(messages) == 0:
print("No messages to send")
return False
if not start_date:
msg = "Sending all {count} messages. [y/N]? "
msg = "Sending {count} messages after {start_date}. [y/N]? "
confirmation = input(
msg.format(start_date=start_date, count=len(messages))
return confirmation.strip().lower() == "y"
def main(export_path, start_date, zuliprc_path, zulip_stream):
export_dir = dirname(export_path)
with open(export_path) as f:
text =
messages = extract_messages(text)
messages = filter_messages(messages, start_date)
if not confirm_send(messages, start_date):
client = zulip.Client(config_file=zuliprc_path)
zulip_info = {
"stream": zulip_stream,
"topic": export_path.rsplit(".", 1)[0].split("with", 1)[1].strip(),
for message in messages:
# FIXME: Skip messages that have been already sent? For now we assume
# that the archive file is cleaned up manually, of the older messages.
if message["files"]:
image_path = join(export_dir, message["files"][0])
image_uri = upload_image(client, image_path)
message["text"] = "[]({})\n\n{}".format(image_uri, message["text"])
send_zulip_message(client, zulip_info, message)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("--zuliprc", type=open, default="~/.zuliprc")
parser.add_argument("--stream", type=str, default="general")
parser.add_argument("--start-date", type=str, default="")
parser.add_argument("export-path", type=str)
options = parser.parse_args()
args = vars(options)
start_date = datetime.strptime(options.start_date, DATE_FORMAT)
main(args["export-path"], start_date,,
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