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mfoliveira / Fibonacci.cpp
Created May 5, 2011 20:07
Yield in C/C++ using Macros
#include "yield.h"
class Fibonacci {
/* Yield's internal */
/* Fibonacci terms */
stecman /
Last active May 25, 2024 14:23
Brother P-Touch PT-P300BT bluetooth driver python

Controlling the Brother P-Touch Cube label maker from a computer

The Brother PTP300BT label maker is intended to be controlled using the official Brother P-Touch Design & Print iOS/Android app. The app has arbitrary limits on what you can print (1 text object and up to 3 preset icons), so I thought it would be a fun challenge to reverse engineer the protocol to print whatever I wanted.

Python code at the bottom if you want to skip the fine details.


Intitially I had a quick peek at the Android APK to see if there was any useful information inside. The code that handles the communication with the printer in Print&Design turned out to be a native library, but the app clearly prepares a bitmap image and passes it to this native library for printing. Bitmaps are definitely something we can work with.