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Fuzzing from home ;)

Patrick Ventuzelo pventuzelo

Fuzzing from home ;)
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pventuzelo /
Created October 6, 2021 10:49 — forked from adamveld12/
Go Code Review Comments

Go Code Review Comments

This page collects common comments made during reviews of Go code, so that a single detailed explanation can be referred to by shorthands. This is a laundry list of common mistakes, not a style guide.

You can view this as a supplement to

Please discuss changes before editing this page, even minor ones. Many people have opinions and this is not the place for edit wars.

pventuzelo / fuzz-wasm-parser.js
Created January 30, 2020 11:15
Jfuzz fuzz target script for WebAssembly parsing library
const parser = require("@webassemblyjs/wasm-parser");
function fuzz(buf) {
try {
parser.decode(buf, {});
} catch (e) {
// Those are "valid" exceptions. we can't catch them in one line as
if (e.message.indexOf('Unexpected section') !== -1 ||
e.message.indexOf('Atomic instructions') !== -1 ||
e.message.indexOf('unknown table') !== -1 ||