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Hibernate on Low Battery, when acpi does not report proper battery status
# Battery threshold below which, script will hibernate if discharging
# temporary file to store the previous battery charge value, to determine if battery is being discharged
# read in batt charge from acpi
echo "`acpi -b`, `cat /tmp/batt_charge`%" | awk -F'[:,%]' '{print $2, $3, $5, ($5 - $3), ($3-$5)<0?"discharging":"powered"}' | {
read -r acpi_status capacity old_capacity capacity_diff status
logger "$0: ($acpi_status) $status $capacity <= $old_capacity"
# if ( (capacity - old_capacity) < 0 && capacity < 15 )
if [ "$status" = discharging ]; then
#notification 1% before laptop is going to be hibernated
if [ "$capacity" -lt "$(($batt_threshold + 2))" ]; then
notify-send "Battery Low" "System will be hibernated soon..." -u CRITICAL
if [ "$capacity" -lt "$batt_threshold" ]; then
logger "$0: Critical battery threshold"
systemctl hibernate
echo $capacity > $batt_charge_file

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commented Feb 26, 2018

add to (f)crontab to run every minute or couple of minutes

*/1   *   *   *   *   /opt/scripts/ 

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commented Sep 14, 2018

Why don't you use upower?

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