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Install Python PYO on Raspberry Pi (Raspian Debian Wheezy)

How to install Python PYO on Raspberry Pi (Raspian Debian Wheezy)

An old version of PYO is installable via apt-get on Raspian. But, we want the latest, don't we...


sudo apt-get install python-dev libjack-jackd2-dev libportmidi-dev portaudio19-dev liblo-dev libsndfile-dev python-dev python-tk python-imaging-tk python-wxgtk2.8

Checkout PYO

# go somewhere you want to pull the sources into
cd /home/pi
# pull the sources
svn checkout pyosrc
# run the install script
cd pyosrc
sudo python install --install-layout=deb --use-jack --use-double

Run a jack server

jackd -m -p 32 -d dummy
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