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windows explorer drag and drop bug
Drag-drop in Explorer broke after I removed the Quick Access feature.
Found a fix today.... I think.
All under Registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:
When I searched CLSID for "drag" I found this key: {4657278A-411B-11d2-839A-00C04FD918D0}
called "Shell Drag and Drop helper"
-- well that seems promising, no?
So created the following keys:
No values, just create the keys.
Unfortunately, I also had to restore Quick Access.
Go to
and reset Attributes to the default a0100000 (instead of a0600000, which was part of what got me into this mess.
Finally I went into Explorer settings and checked the option box to add recently used files to Quick access.
Don't worry, it doesn't stick. Or you can uncheck the box later.
Then restart Explorer, and drag-drop to and from left Explorer pane is back for me!
I was going to add caveat that this kind of experimenting will get you in trouble sooner than later,
but then MS kind of does that for us, though with more cunning and knowledge. now just wait for the next forced update to reshuffle everything in random ways...
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