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Computers help us solve problems we didn't have before.

Daniel Tharp pxdnbluesoul

Computers help us solve problems we didn't have before.
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pxdnbluesoul /
Created Jul 1, 2020
A quick way to clone Wikidot sites larger than 100 Pages with an API key.
# You will need to be a member of both sites.
# Both sites need to enable API Reads for members, and the new site needs to allow writes via the API.
# If you're an admin of the sites you can restrict the API to admins only.
# If you don't have a Wikidot API Key, unfortunately you can no longer get one.
# TODO: Handle files above the 6MB size limit the API imposes, although you also can't write files back of that size.
# They could be retrieved via files.get_meta, there's an attribute called download_url.
# E.g.,
# import requests
# for idx, file in enumerate(files):
from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
import datetime
from time import sleep
from collections import OrderedDict
today =
DD = datetime.timedelta(days=7)
earlier = today - DD
idate = earlier.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
pxdnbluesoul / tabview
Last active Jul 21, 2018
Example tabview for Wikidot
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[[tab Tab 1]]
This is the content of Tab 1.
[[tab Tab 2]]
This is the content of Tab 2.
[[tab Tab 3]]
This is the content of Tab 3.
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[[module CSS]]
@import url('');
.customtext { font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; }
Then you'd use [[div class="customtext"]]Text with a custom font face goes here.[[/div]]
pxdnbluesoul /
Created Dec 31, 2016
Source for the script to remind people of their new years resolution
import praw
reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='',
readingfrom = reddit.submission('3ywu0b') # Last year's thread.
body = author = []
pxdnbluesoul / DangItBobby.ps1
Created Apr 6, 2016
PowerShell script to find where a user is logged into on the network and disable their NIC.
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# ********************************************************************************
# Script Name: DangItBobby.ps1
# Version: 1.0.0
# Author: bluesoul <>
# Date: 2016-04-06
# Applies to: Domain Environments
# Description: This script searches for a specific, logged on user on all or
# specific Computers by checking the process "explorer.exe" and its owner. It