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Noki 4 – Eel | Guide by Metacor

Noki 4 – Eel

NOT MAINTAINED – current version here

(guide by Metacor – original here)

Video Guides:

When the level starts, Mario will begin to sink towards the Eel;

  • Don't Hover before reaching the Eel, as this will just needlessly lose time
  • While falling down, make sure to grab one of the Air Bubbles to refill F.L.U.D.D's tank;
    • I prefer to grab the first one on the left side
    • Position Mario above the Bubble, slightly towards the bottom, once you hit it, hold Forward on the Control Stick
  • After you refill your tank, position Mario above the center of the Eel's mouth;

Once the Eel starts to spin:
Take note of its spinning direction, and Y-Turn into the position as in the picture below;

  • if Clockwise Spin; Y-Turn to the left
  • if Counter-Clockwise Spin; Y-Turn to the right

Once the Eel begins to scream:
Hold Hover until its mouth is nearly open
(holding slightly backwards will help to clean multiple teeth with your hover)

Enter Y-Cam and clean off the center 4 teeth, starting with the left tooth and work around clockwise
Make sure to hover while turning around to face the 3rd/4th teeth

Hover as needed to remain high enough to not be eaten by the Eel and clean 5th tooth

Gold Tooth

The Gold Tooth is located on the right side of the Female half of the Eel (small eyebrows)
This tooth has similar properties to a center tooth, allowing you to clean it off without the eel beginning to spin

  • 5 Tooth;
    If you plan on going for a 5 Tooth eel, you should prioritize cleaning the side of the Eel without the Gold Tooth first, since using the Gold Tooth for Cutscene Skip is generally considered easier.
    To make it more simple to clean the non-Gold Tooth side first - Instead of doing the 4-Tooth strat above; Spray the right tooth first, and then clean the teeth counter-clockwise

  • 6 Tooth;
    If you plan on going for a 6 Tooth Eel, you're going to have to go for the Gold Tooth as your 5th tooth because of it's unique properties, allowing you to clean it without forcing the Eel to spin

Cancelling a Spin Cycle - Once the Eel begins to spin;

  • Let Mario fall down in the Eel's mouth until it cries out and tries to eat you (Don't get eaten!)
  • Hover out of the Eel's mouth before you get eaten and then Y-Turn around to set up for the next tooth

7th Tooth
Try to leave a bottom side tooth as the last remaining tooth, this makes getting Cutscene Skip easier

Cutscene Skip

  • After you clean the 7th tooth, instead of hovering outside of the Eel's mouth, try to position Mario between the Eel's lips, begin to Hover upwards into the final tooth after the Eel's mouth fully closes.
  • Once Mario is inside of the final tooth, switch to the Spray Nozzle, enter Y-Cam, and spray the tooth until it's clean.
  • If you did this correctly then Mario would've taken damage from the tooth while cleaning it off, causing the cutscene to be skipped
  • If you miss the Cutscene Skip;
    Mario sinks faster towards the outside walls, so try to get to them as fast as possible (make sure not to Hover)

Shine Get

  • Spawns to the right of the small stalagmite (square outline on image above)
  • The shine spawn is on the left side of what looks to be a Square with a large dot inside of it

Reasons for the Eel going down;

  • if you get eaten
  • if the Eel fully completes a Spin Cycle
  • if you complete 6 tooth too fast (sometimes)


  • DO NOT clean off any more teeth until the Eel spins, and you cancel its Spin Cycle
      if you do, the Eel WILL 100% go back down again

  • The only scenarios in which you wouldn't need to wait for the Eel to spin are;

    • if there is only 1 tooth left (the fight would end after)
    • if there are 2 teeth left on the same side, and 1 of them is the gold tooth
      • in this case you can clean the gold tooth off first, and then the final remaining tooth
      • Keep in mind that this would cause the final tooth to be on the top side of the Eel's mouth, making Cutscene Skip pretty hard to perform

Tooth Immunity; when are the eel's teeth immune?

  • if you finish cleaning 1 of the Eel's outside teeth (other than the Gold Tooth)
  • if the Eel is doing a Spin Cycle
  • if the Eel is going down after finishing a Spin Cycle

Note; if you forced the Eel to close its mouth by being too far down in its mouth, you can still clean its teeth

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